Counter Strike: Global Offensive releases a new update

Counter Strike

Valve, the founder of the most popular competitive first-person shooter Counter Strike: GO, has released a whole new update. Operation Broken Fang is the name of the update. It includes new community maps, new skins and new game modes.

The thing that makes CS: GO operations so desirable, is the fact that Valve makes it so unpredictable and so rare. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that CS: GO has hit 1 million concurrent players this week, which makes it the highest it has ever hit since the last operation 7 months ago. This shows how popular the game is nowadays even though it is old.

How to play the operation

In order to get stars (to obtain rewards) from playing the missions, a player must pay 15 USD to get an operation pass. Once you have activated the pass, you can play missions that will reward you a maximum of 10 stars per week for a time period of 16 weeks.

New maps

The new update brought the release of a total of 6 new community-made maps. These include Ancient, Engage and Apollo to casual game mode. Frostbite to Danger Zone game mode. Guard and Elysion to Wingman game mode.

New skins

The thing that makes CS: GO one of the most popular first-person shooter esports is the fact that they have a skins economy. It has a market where skin prices are affected by both demand and supply. The 4 new skin collections that were released include:

Operation Broken Fang case collection

Global Offensive

Control collection

Global Offensive

Havoc collection

Counter Strike

Ancient collection

Counter Strike
new game modes

What else can spice things up a little other than adding new game modes? The new game mode includes a very popular community favourite called retake mode. In which the Counter-Terrorists try to defuse the bomb after the Terrorists have planted it.

Key takeaways

Ever since Riot Games introduced Valorant which was supposed to act as a competition to CS: GO to take the spot of being the world’s best fps shooter in 2020, it is good to see CS: GO giving some decent competitiveness between the two games for the best spot in esports by releasing a huge new update.


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