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UNIQLO Malaysia Sets Up Clothing Corner At Homeless Transit Centre

What do you do with clothes that you no longer need or cannot wear?

If you bought them from Uniqlo, you can donate them to those in need by putting them in the recycling bins set up in all stores.

In a post on October 3, the clothing brand talked about this initiative and stated that their first UNIQLO clothing zone has been set up in Pusat Transit Gelandangan, Kuala Lumpur.

“The homeless will now have access to casual wear, sports attire, and even work wear – all donated by our generous customers – as they start their new lives seeking employment with the support of the center.”

These transportation centers usually provide basic services such as toilets, bathrooms, prayer rooms, and food distribution points for the homeless.

They wrote in the article: “The homeless will now get casual clothes, sports clothes and even work clothes. These clothes are donated by our generous customers. This is because they started a new job with the support of the center, looking for work.”

To help implement this plan, you can put your pre-loved UNIQLO clothes into the recycling boxes. If any of the products are considering unreusable, UNIQLO themselves will recycle them.


The project started in 2006, when Uniqlo recycled donated clothing as materials for the textile industry. However, since most items received from customers are still wearable and in good condition, the company expands its value by sharing these donated clothes with those in need.

In Malaysia, the “All-Product Recycling Initiative” started in 2014. Uniqlo Malaysia collects used clothes from its customers and donates them to the refugee community in the country to support the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

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Free Clothes For The Needy; UNIQLO Malaysia Sets Up Clothing Corner At Homeless Transit Centre

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