Food science: Resistant starch vs. Simple starch

Food science: Resistant starch vs Simple starch

Food science: People who are trying to lose weight or those who have diabetes are trying to cut the intake of carbohydrates in their daily diets. However, not all of the starch has equal value.

Resistant starch is a type of starch that breaks down slowly. It can provide positive health effects. Therefore, losing weight is not a hard thing to achieve as you can replace the simple starch with resistant starch.

Different value of starch

Digestion in our stomach will digest starch into glucose.

For instance, the mashed potatoes will break down easily and get absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. Although your body will have a nice boost in energy, but too often, then over time it can cause health problems such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Resistant starch is the starch where it can resist the digestion from getting quicker due to their molecular structure where it was branched shape. For example, legumes, beans grain, and pasta are the sources of resistant starch.

The cooking of starchy food will cause the expansion of the starch structure and hence cause the starch to easily break down and cause the spike of the blood glucose level due to it was easily get absorbed.

The starch will be harder to breakdown when it is in relax mode. This is because the molecules pack together more densely and become harder to break down.

Consequently, it will slow down the digestion process and maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

Food science: Resistant starch vs Simple starch

Japanese sushi, which has ‘cold” rice is also an example of the resistant starch

Ways to produce resistant starch

  1. Naturally occurring resistant starches such as seeds, whole grains, and legumes.
  2. Raw food such as unripe bananas and raw rice.
  3. Cooking and heating.
  4. Chemically modified starch
It could help in losing weight effectively. For instance, resistant starch will have slow digestion which will cause full easily. Therefore, it will hinder the intake of junk food. Besides, it also can reduce calorie intake.
Due to resistant starch also hard to get digest, So it will pass through your entire digestive tract without breaking down, it can reach your large intestine or colon largely intact.
This action will cause the fermentation process to occur in the colon and provide the food to probiotic bacteria.

Other health benefits

In fact, experts are in the early stages of investigating whether resistant starches could play a role in preventing colon cancer.


Eating starch regularly and do not follow fully on the resistant starch. As regular starch will have its own benefits too. Consumption of a balanced diet is important to maintain a good healthy body.

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What is resistant starch and why it’s healthier than simple starch


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