Food fact: Pros and Cons of GMO foods

Food fact:Pros and cons of GMO foods

Food fact: Genetically modified organisms stand for GMOs. It is living organisms which their genes altered to produce a high-quality level.

GMOs have pros and cons. Here’s what you need to know about the pros and cons of GMO food.

Food fact-GMO

Scientists found genes in a plant that cause specific traits, such as resistance to insects. They duplicate them and insert copies into the plant cell to produce the desired function.

Pros of GMO

It will cause less pesticide pollution in the farm.

Food fact:Pros and cons of GMO foods

Bt-corn is a GMO crop is a gene that produces a protein that kills many pests and insects

1. Cheaper in price.

GMO crops can be grown efficiently as there has a specific gene. Farmers can save time and using less land water fertilizer to produce a large number of crops. Hence, it will save cost and energy.

Because they can save on resources, food producers can also charge lower prices for GMO foods. 

2. High in nutrient

Certain GMO crops provide more nutrients like vitamins or minerals. For example, it consists of

  • 2 times as much folate when compared to traditional crops
  • 6 times as much vitamin C when compared to traditional crops
  • 169 times more beta-carotene than traditional crops.

This may be especially helpful in regions where people suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

3. May increase antibiotic resistance.

When GMO scientists insert new DNA into plant cells, they will often add in an additional gene that makes the modified cells resistant to antibiotics. They can then use an antibiotic to kill off any plant cells that didn’t successfully take in the new DNA.


GMO crops have pros and cons. However, GMOs really can bring a lot of convenience to the farm and agriculture sectors. It will improve the economy of a country.


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