Five-star isolated hotel has 17 cockroaches

Five-star isolated hotel has cockroaches

Returnees: I killed 17 cockroaches! Five-star isolated hotel has cockroaches. Changed the room twice and killed 17 cockroaches.

Changed the room twice and killed 17 cockroaches

The 50-year-old lady interviewed is a Singaporean. She has lived abroad all year round and recently returned to China to visit relatives. She said that after arriving in Singapore. Next, She was sent to the Swissotel The Stamford for isolation on Friday (27th) and required 14 days of isolation.

What she never expected was that the isolated hotel room turned out to be “dirty”. She said: “The whole room is covered with carpets, but the edges of the carpets have been damaged, and some dirt, cookie crumbs and the like can be seen on the floor. Then I opened the refrigerator and found two cockroach bodies inside.

In addition to the “corpse”, she also saw live cockroaches scurrying around the edge of the closet and on the washstand, and “there were cockroaches escaping out of the room.” It was already 2 o’clock in the middle of the night. She tried to call the hotel counter but couldn’t get through. “It was too late. I had to’kill’ the cockroaches first, and killed five of them!”

Returnees: I killed 17 cockroaches! Five-star isolated hotel has cockroaches

“Disappointed and even embarrassed”

After several attempts, she finally got through and changed rooms the next day.

“To be honest, the manager on duty who arranged for me to change rooms was very good. He told me that he had checked the new room and made sure it was clean.”

Unexpectedly, at night, cockroaches began to appear again, “I killed 12 cockroaches this time!”

She went on to say: “To be fair, the staff at the airport are very professional. But I did not expect to see so many cockroaches in the isolation hotel.” She is still living in the hotel, but at the same time trying to apply to the relevant authorities for a replacement Hotel.

“I feel that the staff is working hard to solve the problem”

She can feel that the manager and team are trying their best to solve the problem.

She said: “After I changed rooms, they tried their best to help me within the scope of their authority’.  I asked them for hygienic mops and wipes to clean the floor with cockroaches, and they sent them right away.”

The interviewed woman said that the manager also reminded colleagues to deliver meals on time when changing shifts. “Breakfast and lunch today are very punctual.”

“In addition, I just received a call from them, saying that they will help me change to a better and cleaner room tonight. I specifically asked them to clean up the mini bar in the room. They will do this.”

“Although they made a mistake before, it now appears that they are correcting it sincerely.”

The interviewed woman said that there was a foreign body on the floor of the first room, “it does not appear to be vacuumed.”

Hotel: Ask the specialist to solve the problem

In response to the enquiry from “8 Vision News”. Swissotel Stamford stated that it had contacted the guest and hired a certified specialist to solve this problem.

The hotel stated that after receiving a complaint, in addition to changing rooms for customers, it also immediately asked professionals to find and solve the problem. Regarding the guest’s request to change hotels, Swissotel The Stamford was noncommittal, saying only: “We need to follow the instructions and decisions of the Singapore Tourism Board.”

Tourist Office: Work closely with the hotel to solve problems

Yang Biji, Director of Home Notification Operations Department of Singapore Tourism Board, responded to 8 Horizons News today. He was saying that the authorities understand the situation of pests found in the Copthorne Waterfront Hotel and Swissotel Stamford and are currently working closely with these two hotels to resolve the problem. .

“Designated home notification facilities must adhere to the correct security arrangements, strict infectious disease control measures, and strict cleaning and disinfection mechanisms.”

Yang Biji also said that the Tourism Bureau will continue to conduct regular inspections at designated facilities and cooperate with hotels to maintain the required sanitation and service levels in designated facilities to ensure a safe environment for guests and employees. “We will work with each other The hotel cooperates to proceed with any feedback received.”

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