Is Facial Recognition System Using your Photos?

facial recognition

When you post photos of yourself or friends and family online, there are possibilities where your photos are used to develop facial recognition systems.

Training a facial recognition system to identify people requires a huge amount of photos of faces. This system often uses photos gathered from the internet. Therefore, it is usually impossible for you to figure out if the image you have uploaded is among them., unveiled in January, lets you know whether you’ve posted to the image-sharing site Flickr, have been used. It allows you to search for more than 3.6 million photos in six facial recognition image datasets. Even though it is a small number in comparison with the millions of photos spread across the internet, but people may feel surprised to find their photos included in it. Therefore, do check it out.


How to use this site?

facial recognition

To use this site, you must type in your Flickr username, the URL of a specific Flickr photo, or a hashtag. If photos are found, the site will show you a thumbnail of each, at the same time provide you with the date they were posted to your Flickr account. Besides, they will also show you the number of images that are in each dataset.


Tip of the iceberg examines just a small number of facial data that’s in use. It is because many companies don’t publicly reveal how they obtain their data from when training their systems. “It’s the tip of the iceberg,” Harvey an artist and researcher, who created the site said. 

Researchers and companies have turned to the internet to collect photos for many years. These include using an image from Flickr that carry Creative Commons licenses. 




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This new tool can tell you if your online photos are helping train facial recognition systems


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