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facial recognition

Welcome to the futuristic world of facial recognition payment. With this payment method, customer can pay by simply looking at their reflection in a small LCD screen attached to the cashier’s counter. Then the customer decides whether to add a preferred amount of tip by flashing a hand gesture at the monitor.

The entire process takes less than five seconds with facial recognition payment, and more importantly, it is entirely contactless. Moreover, customers do not need to carry their mobile phone or bank card with her or show any form of identification, or even enter their PIN.

This facial recognition payment works via a US tech start-up called PopID. User sign up via its website by uploading a photograph of their face. The photograph is then stored in the firm’s cloud-based system. After that, user can link their account to their bank card.


Hand gesture tipping tool

In addition, user can choose to use PopID’s hand gesture tipping tool along the facial recognition payment method. If users thumbs up means 10% tips, the peace sign for 15% and the shaka sign for 20%.

facial recognition

Shaka sign.


Data security and privacy issue

Ms Stewart, an 18-year-old university student, says she has no such concerns. “I feel like technology is moving so fast that people don’t even think twice about using something like this. “Our phones already read our faces, and our faces are already all over the internet, so I don’t think it makes much of a difference [to someone’s security]. It’s faster, more convenient, and safer… and you don’t have to worry about leaving your phone or cards at home.”

According to PopID’s firm chief executive, he argues that it’s less intrusive than paying by mobile phone. It is because a phone can’t track user’s location at all time via GPS. He also adds that the photos stored by his firms are mathematical maps of unique facial vectors, not actual photographs.




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