Facebook launches its own cloud gaming service

Facebook adds cloud gaming feature
Facebook adds cloud gaming feature

Facebook is the latest tech company to take its first small steps into the world of cloud gaming. However, the company’s offering varies a little than the competition. Unlike Google or Amazon, which both offer separate cloud gaming services with fees charged. Facebook is launching cloud games on its existing platform – several games are playable in the meantime.

What Facebook’s vice president said

Facebook’s vice president of play, Jason Rubin said that they are offering free games that are latency-tolerant, at least to start. He also mentioned that they are not trying to get players to buy hardware. This is like how they are not promising 4K, 60fps, so players would need to pay them monthly.

According to Rubin’s words, why Facebook is exploring the cloud is because it publicizes the types of games it can offer. The company had moved to HTML5 for its Instant Games platform. Before that, it had introduced games on its platform more than a decade ago with Flash-based hits like FarmVille. However, both of those technologies are generally limited to simpler and smaller experiences.

Rubin also said that evolving to the cloud means the company can still offer a relatively fast and smooth gaming experience to more complex games. Introducing cloud gaming would not eliminate HTML5 games. Instead, it will sit alongside the new cloud offerings inside the Facebook app.

About Facebook cloud gaming

Facebook cloud gaming platforms

The Free-to-play cloud games are officially launching on Facebook in beta starting today. Those games include Mobile Legends: Adventure and 3D racer Asphalt 9.

The cloud gaming services will begin to launch in the US, including Texas, California and states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. They will be available both via the Facebook app on Android as well as the web. The bad news is they are still unavailable on iOS in the meantime, which is quite a massive issue.

Apart from that, the core experience will be similar for Facebook users aside from the types of games available. The difference of today’s rollout is that the app comes with useful features such as a new cross-progression system tied to your Facebook login.

Facebook Gaming business model different from its competitors

Facebook’s approach to cloud gaming varies from competitors like Amazon’s Luna or Google Stadia. The company isn’t boosting its technology or trying to secure exclusive games. Instead, it feels like more of a Facebook extension.

One of the big differences between Facebook and competitors is that Facebook isn’t selling games. Their focus now is on free-to-play games. The goal of them is to keep users on the app instead of selling users a subscription.


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Facebook takes its first small steps into the world of cloud gaming


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