Innovative Tool For 3D Printing Cost Estimation


Etteplan, a Finnish company’s expertise in industrial equipment and plant design, embedded system, engineering as well as technical documentation services has recently launched a new tool to determine the cost of 3D printing. This tool goes by the name of AMOTool.

AMOTool for estimating 3D printing costs developed by Etteplan. Image via Etteplan.

Information regarding AMOTool

Etteplan has used three years in the making of AMOTool. During the experimental period of AMOTool, it has shown great results as it revealed ways to lower the cost production with 3D printing.

What is the objective of this tool?

“The major purpose of this tool is to remove obstacles when using 3D printing. Besides, AMOTool is also created to inculcate our customers and the whole industry on the usage of 3D printing technology. At the same time improves the competitiveness of products,” said Riku Riikonen, Etteplan’s senior vice president.

Etteplan, a Finnish company expertise in industrial equipment, embedded system, engineering as well as technical documentation services.

Advantages of Additive Manufacturing

3D printing helps improve the competencies of a company in terms of cost-effectiveness and competitiveness. Besides, it increases operational flexibility, which is indeed valuable during this pandemic that we are experiencing now. Therefore, many industries believe in the future potential of additive manufacturing.

3Dprinting, also known as additive manufacturing

3Dprinting, also known as additive manufacturing.

Overcoming the Cost Estimation Obstacles

The main challenge of 3D printing is the problem of estimating the costs and the potential benefits of using additive manufacturing beforehand. With Etteplan’s AMOTool, these problems can be resolved as AMOTool is able to estimate the price of a 3D printed product before starting a project. It can then determine whether 3D printing is the right tool to use in this project. Nevertheless, this tool works with a browser. Therefore, it overcomes the privacy problem which some firms do not want to upload their IPR-protected information to an outside party’s cloud. “Alongside calculating a cost estimate, the tool shows how changing the design of an object or product could improve its cost-effectiveness. It also evaluates whether this redesign would be profitable,” added Tero Hämeenaho, Etteplan’s AMO department manager.

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