Estee Lauder spends RM533k for product photo shoot in space

Estée Lauder paying NASA for skincare photoshoot on space station.

Estee Lauder. It is pushing its latest skin care formula into space. Its cost is only equivalent to paying a high impact fee for some Instagram posts.

Also, the American cosmetics giant is spending US$128,000 (RM533,900) for NASA. It is to send 10 bottles of skin essence to the International Space Station.

Once there, the astronauts will take photos of Estee Lauder’s “Advanced Night Maintenance” in the cupola control tower. It offers panoramic views of the universe. The images will be used on social media, and the company plans to auction a bottle for charity when these items return to Earth this spring.

The global economic downturn triggered by the coronavirus pandemic has forced brands to be more creative in advertising because consumers are cutting spending. In the field of beauty, some companies have reduced their spending on traditional advertising. They are also looking for new ways to break through the situation of excessive content.

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In a press release, Estee Lauder highlighted it being the “first beauty brand to go into space”. As a means to tout its “skincare innovation.”

Furthermore, the Northrop Grumman Antares rocket plans to launch serum-carrying skins from Wallops Island in Virginia on Tuesday night as part of a replenishment campaign. The Cygnus cargo spacecraft will dock at the space station early on Saturday.

“We need to expand people’s perceptions of what we can accomplish in space.” Phil McAlister, director of commercial aerospace development at NASA said.

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