Early voting numbers in the US are breaking records

U.S. presidential election has been unprecedentedly active. Two weeks before the polling day on November 3, over 30 million voters in the United States have completed early voting. This was breaking the record of previous years. The key swing week in Florida will also start on October 19. The early voting started. Despite the downpour in some areas, a large number of people still stood up to the wind and rain and stood in line to vote. Democratic candidate Biden’s running partner He Jinli also chose the same day to canvass votes in Florida.
On the first day of early voting, a large number of voters in Florida couldn’t wait to cast their sacred vote. Despite the bad weather in some areas, they could not stop the long queues.
It was reported in Palm Beach County that someone had queued for 3 hours to vote. But everyone didn’t think it was bitter. Some Florida voters said, “I look forward to several at this moment. It’s a month, and I’m very excited when I wake up early and think that today is October 19th. I can finally vote in advance.”

US Presidential Elections

As of noon on October 19th in the Eastern U.S., more than 2.4 million voters in Florida’s 52 counties had completed early voting. It was only 260,000 to match the total number of mailed votes in Florida in the last general election.
Florida voters also responded, “I originally I chose to vote by absenteeism, but I was very disturbed after hearing the news, so I decided to come and vote in person”. Florida holds 29 electoral votes and is tied with New York State for the third-highest electoral vote, second only to California. The 55 and 38 in Texas do not just swing states where military strategists are fighting, but also the incumbent President Trump, who is fighting for re-election, must win.
According to the latest poll by Reuters Ipsos, the approval ratings of Trump and his opponent Biden in Florida are 47% and 49%, respectively. The gap is within a 4% margin of error. In the countdown to the general election, both factions have increased.
In order to encourage supporters to vote in advance, Biden’s campaign partner. He Jinli, also went to Florida to build momentum on October 19th, and the gun was aimed at Trump again. He Jinli said, “He has long known that the new crown virus is more deadly than the flu. Five times, he has long known that it will affect the health of American children. He has long known that the virus can spread through the air, but he secretly concealed what he did.”

More than 30 million people voted in the U.S. presidential election

Not only is Florida popping up, but Georgia and other states. This is the first to run, are also constantly setting new records for early voting. Georgia Secretary of State Ravensberg said, “In the past 7 days, as of now, 1.5 million voters have completed early voting. Vote.” Georgia’s postal non-status ballot also soared to 653% of the last general election. As of October 19 in the Eastern U.S., more than 30 million voters across the United States have completed early voting. This was breaking previous years’ records.
According to the report, the new record set by early voting will increase the voter turnout of many states in the United States. Especially swing states, and the voter turnout rate of swing states will determine the winner of the U.S. election to a certain extent. The current President Trump is also the Democratic presidential candidate Biden.
Affected by the new crown epidemic, many American voters choose to vote by mail. According to reports, Alabama has a record number of mailed votes. Georgia has also set a new high on the first day of early voting. In addition, Colorado said its early turnout rate had increased “crazily” by 2400%. According to the latest statistics from the research organization “U.S. Election Project”, more than 30 million voters in the United States have voted in this election.

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