Dota 2 to delay new hero release, plans to release ‘her’ mid-December

Dota 2

A statement regarding a new update on Dota 2, a famous competitive e-sports game, has been released by its publisher, Valve Corporation. A new hero and new gameplay features are just a few of the leaks that have been released.

Valve Corporation released the contents of the new updates in a post for Dota 2 on their official website blog.dota2.com. Valve said they would release the new hero for Dota 2 at the end of November. Unfortunately, Valve decided to delay the release without any substantial reasoning for it. From what we know, the new hero will be a female in the statement ‘she needs more time to cosy up for the winter’.

The last time Dota 2 had a new hero release was during 7.24 update back in January this year. With this upcoming new update, it will bring Dota 2’s hero count to 120 in total. After all, Dota 2’s last huge gameplay update was back in June which was version 2.27.

In the new upcoming update, Valve has announced that they will release a new ‘Overwatch’ system. Other competitive games like CS: GO released by Valve has had such a system for a long time already and has been proven to be quite effective.

What is an ‘Overwatch’ system? An overwatch system is assigning certain members of the community to review suspicious matches in which a player was reported for griefing or cheating. If convicted, the reported player will receive a competitive match cooldown or even a game ban.

With the new update, this new system should be the solution to improving the playing experience of the game. The numbers of cheaters, griefers and smurfers will be eradicated this.


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