Cashless payment: No more parking meters for KL street parking


Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) began the elimination of the parking meter system in KL on October 1.  In other words, vehicle owners are to pay via e-wallet. Both parking ticket machines and the JomParking app will discontinue their service. As JomParking is not one of the e-wallet apps, thus, unavailable to support cashless system.

According to DBKL, the statement stated that only e-wallets, namely EZ Smart Park, Flexi Parking, Wilayah Parking or M-Cash can be used. Besides, DBKL is in the midst of making Boost and Touch n Go e-wallet available to the new parking payment system.

Currently, daily and monthly passes for parking are not available on the apps and e-wallet. It is reported that the system will undergo an upgrade to activate the facility.

Now, with the cashless payment, vehicle owners do not have to worry about not having coins in their pockets.

Street parking in KL will be using the cashless payment method.  Photo source: SOYACINCAU

EZ Smart Park

EZ Smart Park is an app designed to provide people with smooth and easy parking experience. Laureate System Solutions Sdn Bhd owns the platform, according to its website.

The application runs like an e-wallet. Users can reload through secure banking or credit card. The company provides secure payment with recorded transactions.

Flexi Parking

 Flexi Parking provides extra features for vehicle owners other than parking payment. Users can pay city council compounds via the application. Also, the platform’s engineer, Leading Technologies and Systems (LiTS), is said to bring more features like license plate recognition (LPR). The LPR will ease parking in gated facilities.

LiTS said drivers will not have to use touch assess card or fetch a ticket with LPR technology. This will only work with vehicles that have registered vehicle plate with Flexi Parking, MPAJ Parking or Wilayah Parking.

Wilayah Parking

Leading Technologies and Systems also designed Wilayah Parking. But this platform allows users to pay for multiple vehicles at different councils at one time. The supported councils at the moment include Ampang, Kajang, Petaling Jaya,  Sepang and Shah Alam.

Likewise Flexi Parking, users are also able to pay fines on Wilayah Parking. However, some users complained about the confusing interface in their reviews on Google Play. Also, the app does not provide customer service for any issues encountered.


 MCash runs like a usual e-wallet app. It offers online parking payment through a platform that is integrated into the wallet. MCash allows compound payment like Flexi Parking and Wilayah Parking.


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