Dark chocolate can be good for your heart

Dark chocolate can be good for your heart

Moderate chocolate consumption gives heart benefits, but dark chocolate is often recommended.

Reasons that Dark Chocolate can be Heart-Heath Enhancer

Dark chocolate contains less sugar than other types of chocolate such as white and milk chocolate. In fact, it has higher concentrations of cocoa powder. It has a high antioxidant level that links to heart health.

Dark chocolate Content

Dark chocolate’s heart benefits stem from a large amount of cocoa it contains.

Besides, it exhibits antioxidant properties, which is a naturally-occurring molecule that can repair damaged cells and reduce the chance of getting heart disease.

A person who participates in research claimed that consumed dark chocolate and almonds had the greatest reduction in LDL cholesterol.

LDL cholesterol is the bad cholesterol that affects the normal function of the blood flow.

Dark chocolate can be good for your heart

Dark chocolate consist high percentage of cocoa which rich in antioxidants

Dark Chocolate Consumption Control

Although it can lower the blood cholesterol and blood pressure of the body, excessive eating of dark chocolate does damage to blood sugar, which leads to increasing the weight of the body. Therefore, dark chocolate should only be consumed without exceeding energy needs or indulging in too many calories,

Furthermore, the benefits of dark chocolate are stronger when there is a higher concentration of cocoa. That type of dark chocolate can taste bitter if the cocoa powder content is higher in 80 per cent.

Dark chocolate is a healthier choice than other junk foods high in sugar and fats.

However, practice a fruitful diet and consume more fruits if you’re looking for the heart benefits associated with flavonoids and antioxidants.


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Dark chocolate can be good for your heart, in moderation



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