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Malaysia will no longer sell hard liquor in grocery and convenience stores from next year. Photo: BERNAMA

Culture Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has introduced new guidelines on liquor sales and liquor licenses in the Malaysian capital.

The new directive issued by DBKL It includes grocery stores, convenience stores and traditional Chinese medicine stores will not be allowed to sell hard liquor. It will start on October 1 next year.

According to the directive, businesses that sell alcohol are prohibited in front of police stations, places of worship, schools and hospitals.

Companies must also show a liquor license at the entrance. A blue permit means that you can drink alcohol on the premises. A yellow permit means that alcohol is only used for takeaway.

Photo: World Times News/Farhan Najib

What does it mean?

Currently, these guidelines are a bit confusing. However, it basically means that your convenience store such as KK Mart, 7-11, 99 Speedmart. They will not allow to sell hard liquor.

Pure or mixed liquor products in traditional medicine mainly found in Chinese medical stores will be exempt from this ruling.

Don’t worry, because beer will still be on sale from 7 am and the deadline is 9 pm.

Large supermarkets and wholesalers like Jaya Grocer will still allow to sell hard liquor.

Where are the dining venues and bars?

It is fine to serve alcoholic beverages at 12am as normal. Unless they have another permit to drink before 2am.

In addition to the new regulations. From December 15, 2020, it will be illegal to produce, sell and consume Samsu (common and illegal alcohol) in Kuala Lumpur.

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What is the restrictions before this?

Previously, Deputy Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Abdul Mutalib (BN-Maran) said that the ministry also issued a letter of instruction on June 9. It is to inform all state governments to determine special issues related to the sale of alcoholic beverages. Places, and strengthen law enforcement to curb the negative impact of alcohol on consumption in the community.

He is responding to Datuk Mohd Azis bin Jamman (Warisan-Sepanggar), who asked the government in Parliament’s “Question Time” to state whether the ministry will review alcoholic beverages in grocery stores. Sales.

“For the honourable member’s information, the ministry through local authorities only issues business premises licence under the Trade, Business and Industrial Licensing Bylaw after said licences fulfil the conditions set by the state government, district office, Royal Malaysia Police and the Customs Department.

“As the honourable member was informed, the licensing for the sale of alcoholic beverages falls under the jurisdiction of the Customs Department of Malaysia. However, the ministry is of the opinion that there is a need to review the sale of alcoholic beverages in grocery stores given that liquors bring more negative effects compared to positive effects to the community.” He told Dewan Rakyat.

Call to review sale of alcohol at grocery stores

Photo: New Straits Times

The sale of alcoholic beverages in the country is subject to customs laws and consumption tax laws.

He explained earlier. Those are under the jurisdiction of the customs department of the Ministry of Finance.

Ismail also pointed out that each local office has a dedicated committee responsible for the thorough review of the respective local authorities.

He said that when Aziz further urged him to take steps, the government has taken steps to ensure that grocery store owners comply with the required rules and regulations.

“I admit that the consequences from liquor or alcohol consumption is detrimental to society.

“That is why if you see from the Islamic point of view. It is clear that alcohol is haram and thus not allow to consume by Muslims. I am sure other religions also disagree with the adverse effects from those involved in accidents after consuming alcohol.”

Moreover, regarding Shaharizukarnain Abdul Kadir (PAS-Setiu)’s supplementary question on whether the government is considering forming a new task force to ensure compliance with the law. Ismail said that the government welcomes this suggestion because issues related to alcohol consumption need to be taken seriously. attention.

In a series of fatal road traffic accidents, drunk driving has recently become a hot topic in Malaysia.

Recently, the Cabinet has approved in principle the amendment of Articles 41 to 45 of the Road Transport Law. It imposing more severe penalties on those found to be driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

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