Covid-19 spreading faster in Selangor than Sabah

Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said that it is important that the community must comply with the Covid-19 SOPs and government interventions.

Health Director-General Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said today that after a surge of new infections every day. Covid-19 in Selangor is spreading faster than in Sabah.

Noor Hisham issued a statement on his Facebook page stating that Selangor’s Rt value is 1.95, while Sabah’s Rt value is 1.26. The Rt value is used to calculate the rate of Covid-19 spread.

“The rise in Selangor’s Rt value is due to the surge in new daily infections of between 10 to 15 compared with two to three cases before this.”

“This indicates an increased risk of outbreaks if public health measures are not taken.”

Although Sabah’s Rt value has stabilized, he said that this is still worrying due to the large number of new cases involved every day.

He also pointed out that Kedah’s Rt dropped from over 1 to 0.65, indicating that the state has complied with an effective SOP.

At the same time, Malaysia’s Rt is 1.25

Noor Hisham warned that if the best public health interventions are not taken, the Rt value may increase. It is important that communities must comply with SOPs and government interventions.

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Covid-19 spreading faster in Selangor than in Sabah, says health DG

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