Consumer Behaviour is important For New-Startup


As a founder of new-startup business, it is important for us to know the consumer behaviour because it let us know what influences consumer’s buying decisions and how can we fulfil it.

By understanding how consumers make decision with the product, we can fill in the gap in the market and identify which product in the market is needed and are obsolete.

In addition, consumer behaviour help the new-startup business to decide how to present the product in a way that generates maximum impact on consumer. After that, the consumer buying behaviour is also the key secret to reaching and engaging the clients, and convert them to purchase from the new-startup business.

The consumer behavior analysis that the foundar should know.

1. What consumers think and how they feel about various alternatives. For example, ask a Apple’s user opinion about the HuaWei, Vivo and Oppo.

2.What influences consumers to choose between various options such as consumers’ behavior while researching and shopping.

3.How consumers’ environment such as friends, family, media and so on influences their behavior.

There are many different factors that can influences the consumer behaviour.

As a new-startup business, we should study consumer purchase patterns and figure out buyer trends in order to boost the company’s sales.

Three categories of factors that influence consumer behavior

1. Personal factors: An individual’s interests and opinions that can be influenced by demographics. For example, age, gender, culture and so on.

2. Psychological factors: an individual’s response to a marketing message will depend on their perceptions and attitudes.

3. Social factors: family, friends, education level, social media, income. They all influence consumers’ behavior.

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Prepared by: Ian T

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