COVID-19: India’s confirmed cases cross 8 million

India has confirmed cases of COVID-19, with a total of more than 8 million cases today. India is already the second most severely affected country in the world, preceded only to the United States, and is now facing a new wave of the epidemic. Coupled with the approaching winter, people worry that the epidemic will become more serious.
According to the latest government statistics, India has a population of 1.3 billion people. So far, it was 8.04 million 203 coronavirus cases and 120,527 deaths. Meanwhile, the United States has a total of 9.1 million confirmed cases and more than 230,000 deaths.
India’s death rate of the epidemic is low globally, and the number of new confirmed cases has decreased recently. However, the authorities expect that after Diwali and when winter comes, the number of confirmed cases in the country will surge again. Diwali on November 4 is the most important religious festival in India.
The capital of New Delhi today notified 5,000 new confirmed cases, the highest single-day record since the outbreak. Officials warned that when the next wave of epidemics hits, New Delhi may have more than 10,000 new cases in a single day.
Mumbai, the financial capital, is India’s worst-hit city. At present, about 2,000 people are infected every day, more than 250,000 people are diagnosed and more than 10,000 people die.
The Ministry of Health of India confirmed that there were 49,881 infections and 517 deaths in the past 24 hours. The cumulative number of deaths from the infection increased to 12,527, with a mortality rate of 1.5%. Worldometers data show that there are 8.04 million 203 coronavirus cases of new coronary pneumonia in India.

The Ministry of Health of India

However, India has reopened shops, businesses, subways, and movie theatres. Bihar, the third-largest state with a population of approximately 122 million, is also holding elections. Health experts warn that people are getting tired of wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. This may lead to a new round of infections.
In addition, Virologist John said that although the number of infected patients in India has declined, the infection curve in most parts of India has never flattened. Tokachi and the upcoming winter are likely to accelerate the spread of the virus and lead to local areas. The epidemic broke out again.

Virologist John

Moreover, Wuhan pneumonia continues to ravage the world, and the United States has set a record number of diagnoses in the past seven days; Germany and France have implemented a one-month lockdown

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