Comedian Park Ji Sun and her mother found dead at home

Park Ji Sun
Park Ji Sun found dead in home

According to Korean media reports, South Korean comedian Park Ji Sun was found dead in the house with her mother at about 1:44 pm today.

36-year-old Park Ji Sun and his mother were found dead in their home in Mapo-gu, Seoul. The police were dispatched after receiving Park’s father’s call to call the police. They arrived at the scene and initially determined that they had committed suicide. However, it is not clear why the two chose to leave together. The reason is still under investigation.

Ji Sun died on the eve of her birthday

According to Korean media reports, Park Ji-sun just recently had a minor operation to recuperate at home. His mother lived with her to take care of her. Her father called the police because they were worried about an accident because neither of them answered the phone. When they arrived at her home, the mother and daughter had no signs of life.

Besides, tomorrow is going to be Park Ji Sun’s 37th birthday on the lunar calendar, but she gave up her life on the eve of the lunar birthday. The police are still investigating the cause.

Background of Ji Sun

Park Ji Sun is a well-known Korean comedian, a frequent guest of the variety show “Joy Concert”, and has hosted many singer events, and is an artist known to many Koreans.

She and An Yingmei are comedy artists in KBS Issue 22 and 19 respectively. The relationship between their predecessors and ancestors has allowed them to have a good friendship. Actress An Young Mi heard this bad news while she was hosting a video broadcast program this afternoon and immediately left the host position. In addition to comforting An Young Mi, the audience also expressed condolences to Park Ji Sun’s passing.

Park Ji Sun

Park Ji Sun debuted as a comedy artist in KBS in 2007 and has appeared in many shows such as “gag concert”, “happy together 3” and “comedy star”.

It is reported that before her death, Park Ji Sun is no different from normal times.

In recent years, Park Ji Sun’s career has been on the rise, and she is still considered by the Korean media to be a high-achieving student from the three universities. She is a very capable female artist.

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