Cleopatra film of Gal Gadot cause controversy


Gal Gadot has recently prepared to promote the new film “Supergirl 1984”. During an interview, he confirmed that he was about to perform Elizabeth Taylor’s old work “Cleopatra”. The director is Patty Jenkins, who collaborated with her in the “Supergirl” series, and the screenwriter is Laeta Kalogridis, who wrote “Alita: Battle Angel”.

What do you think of the superwoman incarnation of a generation of an enchantress?

Three leading women in the film industry teamed up to bring a refreshing “Cleopatra” to everyone. However, after the news was released, the reaction of netizens was not very good.

The copyright of “Cleopatra” has been circulating for many years. Now Paramount has the exclusive right to remake the film. Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins are also the producers of the film. Due to the epidemic, the film does not know when the film will start, but Gal Gadot can’t wait to share with fans on social networking sites.

She wrote: “I like to act inspiring biographical stories. “Cleopatra” is a story that I have worked hard for a long time and want to share with everyone. Now that my dreams come true, there is nothing better than this.”

However, as an Israeli with Greek descent, many netizens and the media doubted Gal Gadot’s qualifications to play Cleopatra

They think that only Arab actors or dark-skinned stars are more suitable to play Cleopatra because it is actually a descendant of Ptolemy I Soter, a Greek of Macedon and no Israelis are in the turn. Come on.

Should the race of the movie role and the actor be the same? This has been a topic of discussion in the film industry for a long time. With the voices of Asian and African actors in recent years, hoping that the Hollywood film industry will attach importance to diversity. Therefore, it is not surprising that this time the “Cleopatra” casting controversy is a foregone conclusion. It is waiting for Gal Gadot to surrender his wonderful acting skills.

But I have to say, from the superwoman to Cleopatra, Gal Gadot will always be the one who was hacked all the way.

Back then, when Supergirl announced the casting, netizens still criticized madly, saying that Gal Gadot was too thin. Furthermore, she is too beautiful to be an Amazon warrior (not even too beautiful, the life of an actress is so difficult).

At that time Gal Gadot also came out and said: “Superwoman is an Amazonian. According to records, Amazon women actually only have one breast.” She fought back from the perspective of an Amazon woman more than once. After all, wherever she goes, every media will ask her how she felt criticized for flat breasts and small butts.

However, it turns out that Gal Gadot’s superwoman superhero was finally acclaimed. I am looking forward to her performance, to see if she can once again play the superpower of “black turn to fan” in this work.


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Gal Gadot’s Cleopatra film sparks ‘whitewashing’ claims



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