Cigarette Butts: A new element to build our future houses

Recently, numerous of the study in Australia came to the conclusion that the addition of recycled cigarette butts could help to improve the bricks used to build our homes well.

Amount of cigarette produced

Every second, an estimated of total 137,000 cigarette butts were produced all around the world. They produce six trillion cigarettes around the world every year, which is often found on the street. The phenomena would create 1.2 million tonnes of toxic waste.

Business development

In spite of that, serious research has been done into the recycling of all of this waste and it found that cigarette filters can and are being recycled.

TerraCycle, a US company founded in 2001, has built an international business, which is now present in 20 countries. The company is disposing of challenging waste with its zero waste boxes.

In France, entrepreneurs have developed a creative process to remove cigarette ends of toxic chemicals. By doing so, they want to transform cigarette butt into everyday objects.

A future building material

Nevertheless, the process of recycling has taken a big step further. This is because Australian researchers have identified the potential usefulness of cigarette waste in construction.

A major study published by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) has demonstrated that manufacturers could use shredded or whole butts to produce next-generation bricks.

The benefits of using cigarette butt

  1. 10 per cent reduction in production costs with the incorporation of just 1 per cent of recycled cigarette filter content.
  2. Reduce the waste to the street and the ocean.
  3. Environmental beneficial from the fact that the resulting bricks would be lighter and also more insulating.

Chemical toxin inside the butt can be trapped inside the brick if the heating temperature is 1,000°C.

Harmless free

However, the cigarette butt built house is consisting full of toxic substances. Many people are concerned about this issue. But the researcher found that heating the brick at a temperature of 1,000°C able to trap toxic inside the bricks.

Australian scientists have already found another useful application for recycled cigarette butts. Mixing them into asphalt created a material that can handle very heavy traffic loads, which is also better able to cope with heat than traditional road surfaces.


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