China to carry out city-wide COVID-19 test on 9 million residents


Qingdao, a city in China is aiming to test a population of nine million residents for Covid-19 within five days. This will be the first mass testing in months.

The authorities announced the mass testing after confirmation on new cases that were linked to a Qingdao Chest Hospital treating coronavirus patients arriving from overseas.

Photo source: Shanghai Airport Authority

Qingdao’s Municipal’s Health Commission posted a statement on Weibo that they found six asymptomatic cases and six new cases.

According to the Global Times, all the cases linked to the same hospital.

The authorities said that the citywide testing will test five districts within three days. Meanwhile, to test the entire city, it will take five days.

A total of 114,862 people have tested negative for the virus. The people tested included only medical personnel and newly admitted patients.

Qingdao Chest Hospital is currently under lockdown including its emergency department.

Residents to test at designated test points

Local residents to undergo Covid-19 test at test points. Photo source: Xinhua

Global Times revealed local residents already started to show up and to queue for the test at test points. Also, it added that the test was available from 7 am until 11 pm.

The new cases rise a week after China’s Golden Week holiday. Many travelled across the nation. Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism reported the city received about 4.47 million passenger trips during the holiday.

Besides, the authorities also ordered anyone who has travelled to Jinan since September 23 for Covid-19 test, according to The Paper. Jinan is a city in the province of Qingdao.

Qingdao revealed two-port workers who handled imported seafood tested positive for coronavirus last month. There were no reports that they infected anyone yet.

Mass tests across China

Authorities reported Wuhan completed the mass test on 11 million people within ten days earlier this year.

Following detected cases in Beijing in June, large areas underwent the test as they linked to a food market.

For now, China has recorded 85,578 cases along with 4634 deaths.


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