China sends 6G Test Satellite into Orbit

The world’s digital connection is going to become broader and faster with the creation of 5G. However, while 5G is not fully implemented yet, China is already looking ahead to more advanced technology. This country successfully launched “the world’s first 6G satellite” into orbit on November 6.


UESTC satellite

Firstly, the satellite is named after the University of Electronic Science and Technology(UESTC) of China.

Next, the purpose of this launching is to test the performance of the 6G frequency band in space. The cutting-edge satellite was sent into space with 12 other satellites from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in the Shanxi Province. Besides, three other foreign satellites were also on board together with China’s carrier rocket. They are Ten Argentina’s NewSat, Beihangxingsat-1, and Bayi 03 satellites.


Advantages of this satellite

According to expert, this satellite is the first technical test of terahertz communication’s application in space. With the use of terahertz waves, it can achieve impressive data-transmission speeds. Moreover, it also features technology related to crop disaster monitoring and forest fire prevention.

Additionally, it can even monitor water conservancy, mountain floods and also provide abundant satellite images and data.

When compare with 5G, it is 100 times way faster than it. Furthermore, it enables lossless transmission in space to achieve long-distance communications with smaller power output.


Dangerous for humans?

There is no guarantee that this trial tech will make into the final standard. While people already fear that 5G may be dangerous, the same situation may also happen on 6G.

More than 215 scientists from 40 different countries have appealed to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), asking the body to consider health risks and environmental issues before deploying a 5G infrastructure. Therefore, we can have a safe guess that there will also be experts with similar concerns about 6G.



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China Sends World’s First 6G Test Satellite Into Orbit

World’s First 6G Satellite Sent Into Orbit by China


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