Chef in a KL Cafe touches foods with bare hands

KL Cafe chef
Light Capture Cafe by HON

Nowadays, there are many Instagram aesthetic cafe. However, do they all actually reach the basic standard?

A new coffee shop in Kuala Lumpur has been criticized by countless customers for their unprofessional service and poor hygiene. According to an article by SAYS.

The comments on HON’s Facebook page on Light Capture Cafe have been widely circulated recently. A customer said that her experience of eating at the cafe with her husband was disappointing.

She wrote that she was initially very happy to visit this new cafe. The cafe officially opened on October 1st. It has received attention in the past month for its pleasant Instagram aesthetic on Jalan Tun HS Lee.

Photo: squarepad/instagram

However, a client said that the atmosphere and interior decoration of the cafe were not important because the services provided did not “reach the basic standards”.

According to her October 20 post, she has treated badly from the moment she sat down.

When the customer and her husband walked in, they got the bar code on the table. However, they were not told what to do. So they went to the second floor and decided to sit at the table by the window.

However, she said that a waiter arrived and immediately accused both of them of changing tables without notifying the staff.

Image from @urbanladiessg (Instagram)

Photo: urbanladiessg/Instagram


The couple felt uneasy when they discovered that they could look directly at the open kitchen on the ground floor of the cafe from where they were sitting.

They noticed that almost all kitchen staff did not wear masks or sat under their chins.

But what shock them most is that her husband saw a chef trying his own food with his bare hands.

After capturing the couple in the video, the couple watched the chef repeat the action-reach into the pot with the same hand, put some spaghetti in his mouth, then reach into the pot and try again-then use the uniform Wipe, then add some salt.

The client wrote:

“There were other ‘stunts’ happening in the kitchen which would be too lengthy to write here but above was the most scariest and concerning part.”

Image from Facebook

Photo: Cornie Mok Chuang Hui/Facebook

She said that considering hygiene and the health and safety of customers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the responsibility of cafes, especially those that are becoming more and more popular.

However, Her husband decided to send a message to the cafe and its owners on Instagram to give them some feedback. They hoping that they could record the matter and improve, the cafe read the message and did not reply. And immediately block her husband on social media.

She wrote:

“That’s shocking and disappointing looking at the way they handle feedback and dealing with customers.”

“This is a cafe with nice ambiance and interior, in a unique building, but sadly it is not in good hands. I’m not even mentioning their coffee and food because it doesn’t matter if the service doesn’t even reach the basic standard.”

Image from @mandy_sim (Instagram)

Photo: mandy_sim/Instagram

The cafe’s Facebook comments show that many others have similar experiences due to the cafe’s poor service and unhygienic food handling.

Many people say that they have to wait more than 40 minutes to provide food and drinks.

Another customer said:

“The waitress who served me my mocha (in a stained cup) was holding it in a way that she had both her thumbs touching the coffee froth.”

Others also said that the owner who often does not wear a mask was rude when trying to give him feedback.

Image from @lightcapturecafe (Instagram)

Photo: lightcapturecafe/instagram

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