Robot that can Do House Chores and Bluetooth mask


Dishwashing robot

A nearly human-sized robot grabs a dish out of the sink with its gripper arms and adds it neatly to the dishwasher. The robot then sets the table, place a flower into the vase, and pours a glass of red wine. 


A robot that can pour wine.

This robot goes by the name of Samsung’s Bot Handy. The robot suits the company’s vision – for “a better new normal” as more people started spending their time at home because of the global pandemic. Bot Handy is quite handy around the house. For instance, it can pick up unfinished chores, reminds the owner of their upcoming meetings and even stretches the owner’s legs when they have been sitting for too long.

The robot is still in development for now and no pricing or release date has been announced. However, Samsung said it’s part of a greater effort to make technology to simplify consumer’s life at home. 

According to the company in its session description on the CES website, “the technologies in your home need to work harder to help you adjust to this new normal.” 


Bluetooth mask

Many products shown on the tech trade have features tied to life during the pandemic. There is this MaskFone, a face-covering marketed as having a built-in N95 filter, earbuds and microphone to make calls. Besides, it also has a wearable for the ears called Cove that claims its gentle vibration can regulate stress and anxiety.


Smart sink

Manufacturer Kohler showed off its sinks that have voice control features and other fixtures. With these features, the homeowners can turn on the faucets without touching them.

In addition, UK startup Handsteco touted sinks with built-in artificial intelligence. This is to guide people through hygiene techniques in hospitals, offices and public spaces. 


Smart delivery box

Lock manufacturer Yale announced a new product known as smart delivery box. This product can keep packages safe from porch pirates when they arrive as it will automativally locks the packages after a delivery person places the package in it. Moreover, notification will be sent to the homeowners when package arrived. 




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Dishwashing robots and Bluetooth masks: Pandemic products hit tech’s biggest show

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