CES 2020: Introduction to Restaurant cat robot

In today’s modern world, robots have become more and more popular. Due to the expansion of robot creation, a tech expo known as CES was held. This year, it was held in Las Vegas. Different types of robots had been unveiled throughout this expo. Here are some examples of robots:



BellaBot was built by the Chinese firm PuduTech. It is one of a number of superb robotic inventions at the event this year. In addition, it is a robot cat designed to ferry plates of food to the restaurant customers.

Besides, it is a service bot with personality. When it arrives at a customer’s table, it will mew at them to encourage customers to pick up their food. If the diners stroke the robot’s ears, it initially reacts with pleasure. However, if the customers continue petting it for too long, its expression will change.

“It gets mad to remind you not to interrupt its job,” explains the firm.

The Chinese company is targeting the robot at restaurant owners in China as they often struggling to employ enough staff. According to the company, their robots are already in use at 2,000 restaurants worldwide.


Walker bot


It is a newly creation by UBTech. According to its maker, it can perform a series of poses. For instance, it includes Tai Chi and yoga poses, demonstrating a significant improvement in motion control.

“It’s continuously tracking its overall centre of gravity throughout the yoga positions – the kind of dynamic [artificial intelligence] you would expect of a robot that ‘lives’ in your home alongside your family, going up and down stairs, carrying heavy objects for you,” explains UBTech spokesman Jeff Gordon.

Moreover, Walker bot has other abilities like being able to push a cart, draw pictures and pour the liquid into a cup.

Due to the advance in hardware and software capabilities, robots will become better at expressing themselves and mimicking human capabilities.



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CES 2020: Restaurant cat robot meows at dining customers


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