Can artificial intelligence create a decent meal?

Artificial Intelligence has become a new idea in the food industry. Here are some examples of companies that use AI technology.

Plant Jammer

Webpage of Plant Jammer

It is an artificial intelligence app created to make up a recipe based on the food you have.

It is recipe apps, food distributors and event companies that are turning to the artificial intelligence field. This is because this company hopes to gain an edge in the food industry.

How does it work?

Firstly, when users typed the ingredients they have, Plant Jammer will search three million recipes to find often-paired items. Next, it will consult a library of ingredients that the professional chefs group by flavour. For instance, flavour includes salt, oil, sweet, bitter, crunch, spicy, fresh, umami and aroma. Finally, the software learns from the data and devises new recipes.

The last step is the unique part of Plant Jammer. Traditional recipe apps functioned by databases. Users type their existing ingredients and as a result, the app sends a pre-existing recipe found on the web. However, that is the old way. Plant Jammer is going to construct new recipes from scratch each time. The company said this is going to be the future.


According to Michael Haase, the founder of Plant Jammer, he admits that not every recipe is successful. Besides, he agrees that the recipe needed more choice to bind the patties together. Therefore, they have got a feedback function. Whenever the user gives feedback to the software, it will adjust for their feedback accordingly.

There is a prime membership available for the app, which around 5% of users have signed up. Furthermore, Plant Jammer also sells subscription plans to supermarkets. This action offers ingredient alternatives to their website recipes.

“So if you want to make it vegan, gluten-free or Thai we can adjust any recipe,” stated Mr Haase.

He then said the company is working on making Plant Jammer an app to offer people the chance to masterless wasteful, vegetarian cooking.

Analytical Flavor Systems

It is a packaged food manufacturer that turned to artificial intelligence. This company uses AI to provide advice to companies on improving their products or creating a new one.

Its artificial intelligence platform is able to predict the flavour, aroma, and texture of a drink and cater it according to the regional food preference.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, they will even have a travelling team to visit a different country each week. This is to test regional preferences in order to increase the accuracy of the AI.

The artificial intelligence software runs through hundred of decisions until it learns to predict a good taste of a product.

Tiny Giant

This company uses AI to find new combinations of flavours for cocktail and cupcakes. Moreover, they have used AI modelling to help create marketing events, ad campaigns and even gin labels.

Would you let AI names your gin recipe?

The AI is able to invent its own gin labels through machine learning. Tiny Giant’s coder fed the AI hundreds of different gin names. The computer then analyzed the samples and create its own label.


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