California wildfires because of Global Warming


The climate change is driving the scale and impact of the wildfires that have recently raged in California. The scientists say.

Their analysis found that global heating has a “clear and universal” effect in improving fire conditions.

According to the authors, California now faces a greater fire risk than before humans began to change the climate.

The land management problem, touted as a key cause by President Donald Trump. It cannot explain the recent hell alone.

Since August, California has swept the worst wildfire in 18 years.

They have killed more than 30 people and drove thousands from their homes.

The cause of the fire has become political football, and California Governor Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom) blamed the fire on climate change.

On the other hand, President Trump rejected this argument and instead pointed out that land management practices were the main driving force.

San Francisco

Wildfire smoke turned the sky red in San Francisco

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  1. […] California wildfires because of Global Warming […]

  2. […] California wildfires because of Global Warming […]

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