Business today Malaysia: Business groups appeal to operate during CNY

business today Malaysia

Business today Malaysia: Due to Movement Control Order (MCO) that have been imposed recently, shops were forced to close down. Apparently, business groups have yearned for the government to allow businesses to operate during Chinese New Year.

In a joint statement, the groups called for standard operating procedures that allow all businesses to reopen. It emphasized shops that sell apparel, accessories and shoes as well as eateries to allow customers to dine in.

They said they had submitted an appeal letter to the domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry on Feb 5. Then, the ministry had agreed to discuss this matter during a virtual meeting.

Business owners have solemnly expressed the urgency of this matter as Chinese New Year festive sales are just around the corner. This is to allow retailers and other businesses to recover whatever sales they can from the seasonal stocks and to alleviate expected losses.

How the government reacts to it

Based on the statement, the ministry will discuss the agreed proposals for approval. It will be discussed at the oncoming meeting of the National Security Council (MKN), which is expected over the next few days.

Moreover, people are criticizing the government’s SOPs for the Chinese New Year celebration next week. As the government received widespread criticism, politicians and relevant individuals are claiming they are culturally tone-deaf. Besides, they are also calling the government to rectify the rules and procedures.

Among others, the SOPs have restricted the reunion dinner unless family members are 10km within each other and not more than 15 people. Undeniably, reunion dinner is a crucial aspect of Chinese culture to cannot be left out.

The national unity ministry has mentioned it will raise the appeals and thinkings of the Chinese community to the MKN. Moreover, it added that any updates to the guidelines will be announced by senior minister for security Ismail Sabri Yaakob.


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Let us open for CNY, business groups appeal to govt

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