Business Ideas For Travel Lovers in Malaysia


Although the full eradication of the pandemic throughout the world has yet to come, let alone in Malaysia, it will only be a matter of time till it happens. We all know what happens next, all travel-seeking adventurers will start to get what they crave for and have been lacking in the past year. As a travel lover, you also can start afresh a business related to your love for traveling. Here are business ideas for travel lovers in Malaysia.

Business Ideas For Travel Lovers in Malaysia

Business Ideas For Travel Lovers in Malaysia: Travel blogger

1. Travel Blogger

Blogging on any topic is a great way to have a home business, but for travelers, it can be particularly fun. There are boomers blogging about their adventures on the road in their RV. Moms blogging about theme park visits with the family. Because blogs are essentially online journals, you can blog about your trip and make money.

Like all blogs, making money as a travel blogger requires building a following who want to know about your adventures. Monetization of the blog can be through affiliate programssponsors, ad feeds (i.e. Adsense), or selling ad space.

Business Ideas For Travel Lovers in Malaysia: Travel agent

2. Travel Agent

With resources such as Expedia, there’s some thought that the need for travel agents is diminishing. However, many travelers still like expert help and personal service. While you can set up shop on your own, there are home-based travel agent opportunities that could make it quicker for you to get started if you have no experience in booking travel for others.

One way to entice clients is by offering a niche service, such as visits to Zoo Negara, or even ‘haunted’ buildings with chilling stories behind it. You can also focus on a market, such as family travel, travel with pets, or corporate travel.

Business Ideas For Travel Lovers in Malaysia: Social media influencer

3. Social Media Influencer

Becoming an influencer can be more difficult than the other options, there are people on social media who are getting paid to travel. Some of these people are bloggers, but many are on Instagram, sharing photos of their travel adventures.

In most cases, influencers get paid or receive freebies (i.e. free resort stays), through sponsorships. Affiliate marketing is another way a social media influencer can earn an income.

Business Ideas For Travel Lovers in Malaysia: Photographer

4. Photographer

Photography is a great skill to have if you want to travel. If you start a photography business, you could travel the world and capture its beauty with your camera. You can sell these photos to publications or as art. You could also become skilled at a specific type of photography, such as candid portraits, family photography, or wedding photography. People need a skilled photographer at their destination wedding, and you could be just the person for the job.


5. Translator

As a Malaysian, it is normal to be trilingual, let alone bilingual. If you can speak a foreign language fluently, you can offer your ability as a translator. Translation can be in written form, but also through verbal communication.

In travel, many business executives need translators to help them negotiate deals. Translator skills can be helpful as a tour guide, as well.

Public speaker

6. Public Speaker

Public speaking can be a lucrative gig if you’ve got some valuable expertise in a given area and the ability to share that expertise at various conferences and events. You can offer your speaking services to people in different parts of the world, and then use those engagements as opportunities to travel to new and exciting locations.

Travelling personal assistant

7. Travelling Personal Assistant

Some people, such as politicians and celebrities, require a personal assistant. Personal assistants usually travel with their employer whether they are going on tour, have speaking events across the country or have a business in other countries. Virtual assistants are in high demand due to their ability to work remotely and many businesses’ desire to cut unnecessary payroll costs.

If being organized, time management, and problem-solving are your top skills, create your own agency. Personal assistants typically arrange travel and accommodations, manage schedules, run errands, and coordinate with other staff members.

Key takeaways

Although being a travel lover who wants to seek their inner wanderlust may sound like a hobby, it can be a very profitable skill that can earn you money. Good luck to all travel lovers!


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