BTS steps on the nerves of China


The popular South Korean boy group BTS RM is currently popular in the world and has repeatedly gained international popularity. Last Wednesday, BTS won the “James A. Van Fleet Award” for its contribution to the promotion of South Korea-US relations. Due to the mention of the Korean War during their winning speeches, although it clearly did not mention which countries it was, it once again touched the nerves of mainland netizens, accidentally breaking their hearts and criticizing BTS RM speech for humiliating China.

James A. Van Fleet Award

The “James A. Van Fleet Award” is organized by The Korea Society to commemorate James A. Van Fleet, who served as the commander of the U.S. Eighth Army and founder of The Korea Society during the Korean War. The award is mainly awarded to those who promote relations between Korea and the United States Or organization. This year’s awards ceremony was held online last Wednesday. BTS won the award for its musical achievements, influence on fans around the world, and promotion of South Korea-US relations. When BTS delivered the award speech that day, it mentioned people living in different places. Connected by music and based on unity, BTS shared their culture and stories, transcending national boundaries and languages. Jung Kook also said: “I hope that our music can play the role of a hub, a way for people all over the world to understand, respect each other’s roles.”

James A. Van Fleet Award

Captain RM concluded: “This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Korean War. This also makes The Korea Society’s annual party this year particularly meaningful. We will always remember this shared experience of our two countries and the painful history of the sacrifices of countless men and women. 70 years later, the world we live in is closer than ever, and boundaries in many aspects have become blurred. As a member of this international community, we should build a deeper understanding and unity to become happier. In order to pursue this goal, BTS will always remind ourselves the meaning of James A. Van Fleet, and continue to do our best in what we do, thank you everyone.”

BTS in China Mainland

RM’s comments aroused the attention of mainland netizens. Mainland netizens claimed that the award was related to commemorating the US military in the Korean War. They believed that RM’s comments were meant to thank the United States and criticized BTS for not understanding the history of “Resisting U.S. Aid Korea” and disrespecting the history of the war. Chinese who sacrificed their lives, suspected of insulting China, etc. Some people think that BTS should not make political statements. Mainland fans with BTS threatened that “there is no idol in front of the country” and that they would “give up” BTS.

Recent online concert in Seoul

In addition, BTS held an online concert in Seoul last night. The members admitted that they regret not being able to meet the fans face to face. RM said: “The door of the world is strong and high. Although it is not so easy for us to pass, it is because there is not only one way in the world, so that we can meet each other. Although we are small, we have become a huge team. Our language is music, and our map is a dream. Everyone uses different languages ​​to sing different things. The story of our BTS is not just seven people, but the story of you, me and us.”


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