British Prime Minister Johnson planning to resign

Teresa May as British Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader in late July 2019. His political views advocated a progressive country’s conservatism as the keynote. At the same time, he also implemented much economic liberalism and social liberalism policies.
British media disclosed that Conservative Party members of Congress believed that Prime Minister Johnson was planning to resign next spring. They said that Johnson privately complained that the annual salary of only about 150,000 pounds (about 800,000 ringgit) was difficult to maintain.
The British “Mirror” website reported that after the former Prime Minister May resigned from the post of prime minister last year, he relied on the lecture tour and pocketed more than 1 million pounds (about MYR 5.37 million).
According to the report, Johnson believes he can earn money in his pockets, at least twice that of Mey. Not long before he became prime minister, Johnson received 160,000 pounds (approximately RM 860,000) in one month with two speeches alone. Besides, there is a fixed monthly column contribution fee of 23,000 pounds (approximately MYR 12,000). A congressman revealed that Johnson has at least six children, some of whom are not old enough to still need to spend money. Moreover, he had to pay a large sum of alimony to his ex-wife Wheeler in accordance with the divorce agreement.

British Prime Minister Johnson planning to resign

Johnson also considers Wilfred Wilfred, who is only 6 months old. Laurie. Nicholas. Johnson’s future education expenses. If he was sent to Eton, Johnson’s alma mater, it would cost him 42,500 pounds (approximately RM 23,000) a year. After the former Prime Minister Cameron stepped down, the price of a speech was 120,000 pounds.
Alexander Boris Depfeffer Johnson June 19, 1964, a political figure in the British Conservative Party, the current British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party [6], is also a popular historian and literary writer, he had served in his early years In the media industry, he has working experience in newspaper reporters, magazine editors, TV program planning and other related positions. Johnson served as a member of Parliament in the Henry Constituency from 2001 to 2008, and as the Mayor of Greater London from 2008 to 2016. From July 2016 to July 2018, he served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Association Affairs in May’s Cabinet and later replaced.

Boris Johnson

Johnson was born in New York, USA. His parents are both British, his paternal line is Turkish descent, and his family was well-off at a young age. He studied at Brussels European School, Ashdown House and Eton College before being admitted to the University of Oxford Bellio. As a young man, Johnson worked for The Times and the Daily Telegraph. He often wrote articles on Euroscepticism when he wrote articles for the Daily Telegraph. From 1999 to 2005 During the period, he served as the editor-in-chief of “The Spectator” magazine, and also served as a BBC1 TV program planner from 1998 to 2005.
After joining the Conservative Party, Johnson was elected as a member of Congress in the Henry constituency in 2001 and entered the shadow cabinet under the leadership of two Conservative party leaders Michael Howard and David Cameron. His own political stance is mostly conservative. Because Johnson often appeared on TV. He also showed an impressive look with blond hair and continued to publish sharp statements and write books and columns. This quickly made him one of the most-watched political figures in the UK.

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