Bond girl’s bikini goes up for auction


One of 007 film items will go up for auction next month on November 12-13 in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, James Bond fans are waiting for the next 007 movie to release on 2 April 2021.

Auctioneers from Profiles in History said on Wednesday that the white bikini could go up for $500,000.

The bikini featured in the first Bond movie

The legendary white bikini in Dr.No. Photo source: Collection Christophel

In the first James Bond movie which released in 1962, Dr.No, Ursula Andress wore the white bikini. The bikini featured in the film when Andress played as a character named Honey Ryder emerged from the ocean. Andress, now 84 stole hearts worldwide after her debut in 1962 for wearing the swimsuit.

Dr No was the first-ever Bond movie and Sean Connery starred as the lead role. In the film, Andress wore a knife at her waist while holding a seashell. Since the film’s release almost six decades ago, people copied and turned the scene into parodies.

Besides, a recent Bond movie even recreated the scene, but with Halle Berry as the actress. Berry featured in Pierce Brosnan movie Die Another day which she recreated the moment. However, no other Bond girl could manage to top Andress’ iconic beach scene.

Past auction


In 2001, at a London Auction, Andress herself sold the bikini. Planet Hollywood co-founder Robert Earl purchased the bikini set in for $45,000.

The bikini marked her successful career

Andress, at the time, was an unknown Swiss actress, but the bikini brought her to the superstardom. She also credited the bikini with ‘making her a success.’

In 2001, she said that Dr No had given her the freedom to pick her future roles and opportunities. She added that she could finally achieve financial independence.

She revealed that the wearing of a bikini had set her to become a classical moment in the cinema. Also, that iconic scene made her a famous Bond Girl.

In fact, the bikini earned its place as the most famous bikini in the world, according to the head of acquisitions at Profiles in History Brian Chanes. “It’s one of the most memorable scenes of all Bond franchise,” Chanes said. “It helped bikinis become more mainstream and it started the whole Bond girl phenomenon.”


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  1. Even 007 would be impressed! Bikini worn by the first-ever Bond girl Ursula Andress in THAT iconic beach scene from Dr No is set to sell for $500,000 at auction
  2. ‘Dr.No’ bikini worn by Ursula Andress may fetch $500K at LA auction


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