Best Digital Marketing Tools in Malaysia 2021

Best Digital Marketing Tools in Malaysia 2021

As exciting as this might be, it’s only natural to feel a small amount of fear within the time period as a tiny low business owner. With such a big amount of unanswered questions, you will be anxious about what is going to happen next.

Add within the indisputable fact that competition is heating up with each passing year, and you’ll soon be questioning your decision to broaden on your own, especially when battling it out for computer program optimization, email campaigns, click to tweets, conversion rates, and content creation. It’s a full other world and it takes lots of labour.

However, due to high competition, it is relatively challenging to have an online presence. Fortunately, Mention has compiled a list of valuable tools to help you. Here are the best digital marketing tools in Malaysia 2021 to help you succeed in marketing your business.

Best Digital Marketing Tools in Malaysia

Research and planning

Best Digital Marketing Tools in Malaysia 2021: Google Trends

1. Google Trends

Google Trends shows you the latest trends in any area you’re interested in. Just type the chosen keyword (product, industry name, or something else) in the search panel. You’ll immediately know how much online buzz there is about your topic. If this is your brand name or a competitor, the information is incredibly valuable.

How this helps 

It’s important to know which products or services are popular and trending to come up with better ideas for your own. With Google Trends, you’ll be able to verify whether your business idea is outdated and if there are a lot of similar offers that may obstruct your success.

Best Digital Marketing Tools in Malaysia 2021: Ahrefs

2. Ahrefs

The competitive environment is the most important concern when you launch a business. Ahrefs’ set of tools provides you with an opportunity to get to know the competitors in your field. You’ll also learn the source of competitors’ traffic, information about their ranking keywords, backlinks, content features, and a lot of other useful data.

How this helps you

To grow your business, you need to learn from your competitors. For this, you to know their weaknesses and strengths, and beat them within your area of business. Using these data, you’ll have a perfect reference point for your own digital marketing approach.

3. Keywords Explorer by Ahrefs

It’s hard to overestimate how much this tool will help you in creating your marketing strategy. Keywords Explorer’s Database proposes more than 3 billion keywords, updated on a monthly basis. It’s also supported in more than 100 countries.
A few of its standout features as one of the best digital marketing tools in Malaysia:

  • Keyword difficulty score: tells you how easy it will be to rank for each keyword
  • “Clicks” metric: shows the data about actual clicks for keywords
  • Advanced metrics: includes an analysis of return rate, paid clicks, and clicks per search
How this helps you

Keywords play a core role in the promotion process since help searchers find the content they’re looking for. Thus, knowing what keywords users seek more often, you’ll be able to incorporate them widely into your content and make your content easier to find.

Best Digital Marketing Tools in Malaysia 2021: Facebook audience insights

4. Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. It’s also the most effective tool for targeting your advertising campaign to the right market. Audience Insights gives you demographic data, interests, habits, the devices people are using, and even the household income (for some countries) of these Facebook users.

How this helps you

There’s a saying: “who owns information, owns the world.” When you know your customers’ interests, you can offer them the products and services they really need. Plus, knowing the events which your target audience attend can inspire you to include these activities in your own marketing plan.

Building a marketing strategy

Best Digital Marketing Tools in Malaysia 2021: CoSchedule Headline Analayser

5. CoSchedule headline analyzer

The names of your products or services, campaign slogan, and content titles – all these are designed to attract customers. This tool helps you to create more persuasive headlines which attract readers and cause them to click for more information.

How this helps you

The tool has great tips to help you to create bright and notable headlines. The more effective your headlines, the more visitors of your resources you will get. The more online visitors, the more likely that people will buy.

Best Digital Marketing Tools in Malaysia 2021: WebpageFX

6. WebpageFX’s readability tool

Your best content will be ineffective if it doesn’t suit your target audience. This tool helps you adapt your texts to the required level of your readers. Just enter your URL in the search block, and you will get the guide for refining your content.

How this helps you

It makes your text readable and understandable for your target buyers. This is important since nobody will delve into things which are complicated and ambiguous. Make your content more readable, and more people will actually read it.

Best Digital Marketing Tools in Malaysia 2021: VWO

7. PushCrew (now VWO)

The ultimate goal of your company’s online presence is to grow the audience. PushCrew is designed for exactly this purpose. It lets you send push notifications to your customers, even when they’re not currently on your website. This is a great way to inform people about your new offers.

How this helps you 

With so much online noise, every company risks getting lost in the endless flow of information. Push notifications make it easier to remind customers about new products. And with a consistent strategy, this tool gives you the opportunity to transform your “casual” visitors into loyalists.


8. Eclincher

At a time of extreme social activity, it’s important to maximize the opportunities that social media gives your business. Eclincher helps you automate your social media marketing. It automatically publishes content on all channels, and schedules posts to provide better performance and reception. Moreover, it replies to every reaction on your post on social media.

How this helps you 

To implement and control marketing campaigns in a few directions at once is an overwhelming and unrealistic task for most people. Eclincher allows simultaneous promotions possible all over social and provides easy interaction with the audience.

Analyzing your results


9. Crazy Egg

This application shows you information about your website’s visitors and their interactions with each page.

How this helps you 

Using Crazy Egg, you get an opportunity to adjust your online resources to the visitors’ needs, improve navigation, and increase conversion rates.

Serps keyword rank checker

10. SERPs Rank Checker

Just input your website (or any keyword), and you’ll see where your resource ranks for a particular period.

How this helps you

The tool evaluates your website’s keyword ranks in Google. The higher the rank, the easier it is for people to find you, and the more effective your marketing will be. Thus, by means of SERP, you can measure the efficiency of your positioning and change your strategy if the rank is low.

11. Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets you track huge traffics flows, alongside surfacing keywords which visitors use to land on your website.

How this helps you 

The availability and visibility of your website are the primary ground for top performance. Google Analytics helps you achieve this by optimizing your web resources.

Opensite explorer

12. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer gives an opportunity to make a comprehensive link analysis. It lets you research backlinks, discovers opportunities for link-building, and uncover potentially damaging links.

How this helps you 

You know that links are important for promotion. The more “good” links, the better the marketing campaign is. But how one can distinguish a good click from spam? Open Site Explorer helps you do this.


Key takeaways

By using these best digital marketing tools in Malaysia, you already have a head-start over others who do not use them. Now you are ready to conquer your competition and dominate them!


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