Best Cybersecurity Podcasts To Listen in Malaysia 2021

Best Cybersecurity Podcasts To Listen in Malaysia 2021

In the ever-evolving world of technology right now, it is not a surprising fact that people with bad intentions use it to assist them too. Many professional hackers can cause online attacks that can wreak havoc on companies and people. On a bigger scale, some organized hacking activity can even destroy a government of a country. That is why we have written many articles about cybersecurity such as What is Cyber Security in Malaysia 2021? and How To Secure Your Device From Hackers in Malaysia 2021. Here are some of the best cybersecurity podcasts to listen in Malaysia.

Best cybersecurity podcasts to listen in Malaysia 2021

Best Cybersecurity Podcasts To Listen in Malaysia 2021: The Shared Security Podcast

1. The Shared Security Podcast

The Shared Security podcast has earned quite a reputation over the years, which makes sense because it began as much as 10 years ago, back in 2009 when the topic of cybersecurity was far from the hot topic it is today. Podcast creators Scott Wright and Tom Eston cover a lot of topics that range from IoT, mobile devices, PoS threats to more abstract topics like global politics. The result is a general source of privacy updates that are sure to be relevant to everyone’s online lifestyle.

The concept behind the podcast is simple. In an interconnected world, huge numbers of people rely on platforms and technology that are “shared” like a common resource. And the only way to keep that technology safe is to educate users to know about threats to its integrity.

Smashing security

2. Smashing Security

Smashing Security describes itself as “helpful and hilarious,” which is an apt description for this lighthearted podcast on current infosec concerns, that nevertheless manages to provide expertise. Co-hosts Cluley and Theriault don’t particularly limit themselves in the topics they cover. Instead, casting their net over anything related to cybercrime and more.

This is one of those podcasts which you can dive right into. This is because the presenters keep the jargon light and make a point of not patronizing the listeners. Perhaps it’s this ability to balance knowledge and approachability that earned Smashing Security the title of “Best Security Podcast” at the 2018 European Security Blogger Awards.

Best Cybersecurity Podcasts To Listen in Malaysia 2021: Darknet diaries

3. Darknet diaries

Covering “true stories from the dark side of the web,” Darknet Diaries offers crucial reading for folks that are realistic about the cyber-threats posed to today’s businesses and individuals. There’s no romanticization here, just a cool analysis of hot topics addressing crime and technology.

Darknet Diaries doesn’t aim to alarm people, rather, the content is there to coach and entertain. Sure, he lapses into geekdom every now and so, but the majority with a passing knowledge of tech will get a kick out of his work.

Security now

4. Security Now!

Started in 2005, Security Now! is one amongst the longest-running cybersecurity podcasts with a number of the longest episodes that always span well beyond a feature movie length. Gibson and Laporte target personal security, but also take time to reflect on what’s happened within the last week across the world. Because one episode is almost two hours long, this podcast rarely leaves a cyber stone unturned.

Their page may be a bit old-school, offering to download MP3s rather than expanding to more podcast sites. On the other side, each episode comes with Steve’s notes and a transcript in three different formats. Every two weeks, the hosts read selected questions from the listeners.

Best Cybersecurity Podcasts To Listen in Malaysia 2021: The CyberWire Daily Podcast

5. The CyberWire Daily Podcast

The CyberWire Daily Podcast differs from the rest on this list because it’s travel by a news service and not by some cybersecurity enthusiasts. It’s also purely news-related, aggregating what you’ve got to understand about the newest InfoSec developments. That’s why new episodes come out each weekday and are shorter in comparison to some weekly podcasts above.

There are already over thousand of Daily Podcast episodes, but The CyberWire offers much more free and premium content. Putting everything else aside, there are quite ten podcasts, all associated with cybersecurity in a way or another. They vary from those covering social engineering (Hacking Humans) to non-public stories of cybersecurity experts (Career Notes).

Key takeaways

By listening to these cybersecurity podcasts, you can learn so much more about how to protect yourself from hacking. You also learn about their tactics and tricks.


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