Best Apps To Manage Business Contacts in Malaysia 2021


Managing business contacts certainly isn’t an effortless thing to do. This applies especially when you have lots of clients. While it is challenging to do so, it is extremely important that you keep well track of your business contacts. This is because you do not want to be stuck in an awkward situation such as forgetting about them. Here are the best apps to manage business contacts in Malaysia. These apps not only help you collect but also manage your contacts so you can search for and reach the right ones quickly, keep the information updated, and track people in a more efficient and effective way.

Best Apps To Manage Business Contacts in Malaysia 2021

Best Apps To Manage Business Contacts in Malaysia 2021: Sync.Me

1. Sync.Me

These days, Sync.Me puts more of an emphasis on caller ID and spam blocking features, but there’s still enough contact management functionality in here to make it a worthwhile download if you’re on the hunt for one of the best contact apps. One of the app’s best contact features is its ability to add full-screen photos to your contacts. That way you can more easily see who’s calling you. The app also lets you merge and backup contacts and background contact sync keeps images tied to your contacts’ profile pictures from social media.

Really, though, this is the app to get if you’re bothered by robocallers. Sync.Me boasts features like caller and text ID, spam blocking, reverse phone lookups, and call recording.

Best Apps To Manage Business Contacts in Malaysia 2021: Cloze relationship management

2. Cloze Relationship Management

Cloze Relationship Management tries to build an all-in-one contact, social network and email command centre. The app syncs details about your contacts from your social networks and email so that your information and profiles are always up to date.

In addition to managing your contacts, Cloze functions as a one-stop social networking command centre, allowing you to tweet, update your status, like or share links, and more. Additionally, Cloze uses your interactions and messages to identify “Key People” and automatically surfaces tweets, status messages, and other related updates from them.

Best Apps To Manage Business Contacts in Malaysia 2021: Cardhop

3. Cardhop

Cardhop is a contacts management app for the iPhone by Flexibits, makers of the excellent Fantastical 2 calendar app. That prowess shows in Cardhop’s excellent natural language capabilities for contacts search, the way it creates new entries, or how you can take action on existing entries.

Type in a name and a mobile number, for example, and Cardhop will create a new entry; input “Call Michael S”, and the app will start a call to the relevant contact. Flexible actions make it easy to call, tweet, email, or start a FaceTime call. In addition, Cardhop lets you create contact groups, easily access recent contacts, and add notes to each entry.

Best Apps To Manage Business Contacts in Malaysia 2021: Contacts sync pro

4. Contacts Sync Pro

You may know it as Synctastic, but the Playa Apps now calls its contacts app Contacts Sync Pro. Whatever the name, it removes a lot of the pain from syncing contacts between our iPhone and Gmail.

Contacts Sync Pro features a variety of syncing modes, from two-way, Gmail-to-iPhone, iPhone-to-Gmail, and manual syncing, with the app respecting a variety of filters, as well as contact groups. Users can review sync changes before the sync begins, override recommended changes, deduplicate contacts, and an option for automatic contact syncing.


5. Groups

If much of your communication occurs via grouped contacts, then Groups is one of the best contacts apps you can put to use on your iPhone. Using the native contacts on your phone, you can group people into any category you can imagine. Be it family, friends, neighbours, coworkers, and participants in whatever social activity you enjoy.

Once you’ve got your groups together, just use the app to easily text or email all the contacts in a group at once. You can also set reminders for making contact with people and use the built-in tools in apps to merge duplicate contacts.

Key takeaways

By having these best apps to manage business contacts in Malaysia, you can impress your business contacts by how well you keep in touch with them. This could not only earn you a good rep, but you could also even get an easy promotion!


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