Batik is making a comeback and there’s a modern twist to it

Rianty Batik
Brand ambassador

Brand ambassador

Batik is making a return to the fashion industry, many independent designers take it into a whole new level on the local scene. Originated from Indonesia, batik is a form of expression and cultural identity. The style and design of batiks around different regions of the Malay Archipelago vary drastically, but breathtaking in every design.

Brand ambassador

Brand ambassador

Batik is intricately woven into the Malaysian and Indonesian culture. In the olden days, certain designs were reserved for bride and grooms, especially good luck charm for infants and new mothers. Several patterns were reserved for the royal family of Yogyakarta. Different patterns were also assigned to different ranks and class within the society. These days, clothing companies incorporate new colours, fabrics and patterns. Batik is now a fashion statement and it has a surprising fresh look in the industry.

Rianty Batik

Rianty Batik from Yogyakarta, is one of the top 5 batik companies in Malaysia. Their outlets are spread all over Indonesia and Malaysia, and many are fans of their up to date wearing designs and batik styles. After that, the most common material used in their collections is high quality cotton. However, they provide many other selection which provides a wide variety of texture,, fabric and colour.

Ziah Zhang and Benjamin Sim

Ziah Zhang and Benjamin Sim

It is our honor to announce that Rianty Batik Malaysia has engaged Ziah Zhang and Benjamin Sim as their brand ambassador. Ziah Zhang is an actor and model from Malaysia. In addition, he is one of the 10 biggest stars of the television 8TV, a major Malaysian TV channel.  Ziah, being a very determined person, even walked a fashion show for his friend when he was unwell during the show. However, Ziah absolutely pulled it off and it helped him gain confidence once again.

Malaysian professional basketballer – Benjamin Sim

Benjamin Sim is a Malaysian professional basketballer who played for the Kuala Lumpur Dragons basketball team and represented Malaysia in the ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) as a point guard. He had once worked in the finance industry, but he gave up a corporate job with decent salary to fulfill his childhood dream, as a basketball player. Despite being the current depressing situation of COVID-19, he stated that he still looks forward into the future when the MCO period comes to an end, in a positive attitude. He is now stretching his hands into the modeling industry.

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