Backed benefits of intermittent fasting


There are some proven health benefits of fasting, provided you follow the guideline.

What is fasting?

Fasting is when you do not eat for a certain time.

There are many different types of fasting, which are acute, chronic, intermittent, and chronic intermittent.

Benefits of fasting

Fasting has many mental and physical health benefits. Here are the benefits of fasting and how they work:

Reduces inflammation

One of the main benefits of fasting is that it may reduce inflammation.

Free radical appear inside your body will cause you can enter a state of chronic inflammation. This is because free radicals are a bad substance that comes from outsourcing will disrupt the normal function of the cell,

When your body is in a fasted state, it is unable to convert the glucose from food into energy.

In fact, the body will use alternative energy sources called ketones that comes from fatty acids.

Your body produces less amount of free radicals when burning ketones, thus it helps to reduce inflammation.

Fasting could actually reduce the intake of calories and control a person from eating too much


Boost cognitive function

When we age, our organs are prone to chronic inflammation called inflammaging.

Chronic inflammation can lead to cognitive decline and dementia, possibly due to plaque formation in the brain.

It actually helps to solve this by reducing inflammation.


Regulate blood sugar level

Regulating normal blood sugar is crucial to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Fasting will reduce the intake of blood sugar inside the body due to the less intake of carbohydrates.

The research found that Intermittent fasting does help improve glucose tolerance.

Improves heart health

Fasting boosts heart health by reducing inflammation and protecting against diabetes, which is both risk factors for heart attacks and strokes.

Loss of weight

Fasting helps you lose weight by reducing the number of calories you consume. It can help in keeping blood sugar levels inside the body.

However, losing weight by fasting is not a good way to practice as it will affect your body function. It is recommended to get advice from a personal coach or dietitian.


Fasting may offer health benefits, but is not advisable for certain people, especially for those encountering health deficiency.

Besides, when going too long without food can be harmful.

If you are opting for fasting, it is crucial to take care of your body and maintain a balance between health.



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5 science-backed benefits of fasting, and how to fast safely and effectively




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