Augmented reality head-up display in cars will soon be mainstream

Augmented reality head-up display
Volkswagen will offer augmented reality head-up display to its compact range of electric cars.

Volkswagen announced that it is about to introduce augmented reality technology for head-up display in most of its electric range of vehicles.

This technology, usually offered in premium cars, may become more and more widespread in the Volkswagen range. And in other automakers’ in the near future, since it highly enhances driving safety.

Furthermore, in front of the driver, an augmented reality head-up monitor projects realistic and safety details. On the windscreen, this device superimposes icons, showing them dynamically to create a new driving environment close to that of a video game.

On the windscreen, divided into two zones, it can predict the significant driving data. At a virtual distance of about 10 metres, a wide window for the dynamic displays is a situation in the driver’s field of view. In this remote window, information from the assist systems as well as the turn arrows and navigation system starting points and destinations is shown.

A close-range window is underneath, showing the driving speed, road signs, and indicators of assistance and navigation as static displays. These seem to float in front of the driver for about three metres.

Volkswagen is the first automaker to implement such technology. Especially on its ID.3 and ID.4 electric models as of the beginning of 2021, to its compact and SUV ranges. Other models ought to follow suit shortly.

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Augmented reality head-up display in cars will soon be mainstream

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