Asia Today: Beijing tells residents to stay put for holidays

Asia Today: Beijing

Asia Today (Beijing, Dec 26): During the Lunar New Year holiday in February, Beijing urged residents not to leave the area, introducing new restrictions after multiple coronavirus infections last week.

On Friday, a convenience store worker and a Hewlett Packard Enterprise employee were identified in two domestic incidents.

A further two asymptomatic cases were discovered earlier in the week in Beijing.

In the neighbourhoods and workplaces where the cases were identified, Beijing is conducting research on a small scale.

The Beijing government cancelled major gatherings such as sporting events and temple fairs to contain any fresh outbreaks.

It says applications for any big events will be strictly checked. Venues such as cinemas, libraries and museums, the government said, have to run at 75% capacity.

It also called on businesses not to plan business trips abroad and outside the region.

Feb 12th is Lunar New Year.

Separately, officials in the northeastern port city of Dalian said Friday that, after 24 confirmed infections this month, they had screened over 4.75 million people for coronavirus.

In five neighbourhood divisions in Dalian, the authorities have closed schools and all public spaces and only important staff can leave their compounds to go to work.


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Asia Today: Beijing tells residents to stay put for holidays

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