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artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence for a car configurator? Doesn’t it sound kind of overkill? Well, Porsche created a car configurator that is embedded with artificial intelligence. It goes by the name of Recommendation Engine. This engine uses machine learning to help suggest the options and packages that best suit the customer.

The reason why Porsche’s configurator is so good mainly is because of its granularity. Its option lists for many models are extremely ala carte and allow buyers to trim them. As a result, buyers can build a car precisely according to what they want. However, that level of specificity can be a little challenging, that is why Porsche announced its plan to add artificial intelligence, to its online configurator on Wednesday.


Machine learning 

Porsche building its car configurator, known as the Recommendation Engine by training 270 separate machine-learning models based on different markets and specific criteria. This then allows the artificial intelligence, to tailor its recommendations with high specifications and accuracy. Porsche is claiming that its car configurator could achieve a 90% accuracy, which is pretty high. Regardless of that, machine learning will only get even higher once there are more users. It is just a matter of time in this case.


Countries available for the configurator

The Recommendation Engine is currently available in the six countries. These countries include the US, China, Germany, the UK, Switzerland and Taiwan. Porsche are planning to expand the system further, but because that will require training for new neural networks, therefore they will expand it gradually. For more information, you can go to the Porsche configurator and click the lightbulb icon at the bottom of the page(provided you are in the country above). Someone tried the Recommendation Engine on a 911 Carrera S and found out it got around 60% of the suggestion right.

artificial intelligence




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Porsche created an AI to help you configure your perfect car


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