Arshad Raji: Corruption More Damaging Not Alcohol Sales

Arshad Raji
PETALING JAYA: The drive to curb the selling of alcoholic beverages has been characterised by an NGO representing retired armed forces officers as absurd, asking authorities whether it was more dangerous to consume than corruption.
“We would like to ask the pious Ahmad Marzuk Shaary to tell us whether drinking alcohol or corruption is the greatest evil,” said President Mohamed Arshad Raji of the National Patriots Association (Patriot), referring to the Deputy Minister in the Department of the Prime Minister (Religious Affairs).
Which is more harmful to our community and nation? What evil most attracts Malays?
Arshad asked Ahmad Marzuk and Minister Annuar Musa of the Federal Territories to look at the large number of immigration officers detained last week for suspected trafficking in human beings and the many lawmakers currently facing charges of corruption.
prohibit alcohol

Prohibit Liquor or Eliminate Corruption

What one of the two evils should first be acted upon? Is it intended to prohibit liquor or eliminate the scourge of corruption in Malay society? He asked, adding that corruption has usually done our society more harm.
On Shary’s statement that DBKL’s decision on the selling of liquor could be applied to the rest of the country, Patriot said that it was both unnecessary and ridiculous.
The new law, which will come into force next October in all federal territories, was recently announced by Annuar. Under the new legislation, the sale of alcohol would be banned from different markets, grocery stores, convenience stores, and Chinese medicine stores.
The people especially non-Muslims, are aware that the leaders of the PAS have always assured them that they will not be subject to Islamic laws, including the hudud.

Leaders of the PAS

As such, Patriot wants to remind Marzuk and the other leaders of the PAS not to ridicule their terms. Otherwise, it would only intensify the public perception of their hypocrisy,’ said Arshad.
He said that there were easier ways to handle the issue if curbing the selling of alcohol was related to drunk driving.
The solution must be an all-inclusive consultation, including entrepreneurs, not just a small community. If health is the problem compared to beer and mild alcoholic drinks, they should know there are many other foods and beverages that are worse for our health.
The marketing of any alcoholic beverage is not Patriot’s business. But it is within the bounds of our organisation to uphold social justice, encourage fair market practises and voice against bullying tactics,” he said.
Arshad Raji
Arshad Raji said Malaysians have been living together with a great deal of harmony, empathy and mutual respect for decades.
Among others, it was based on this understanding that our colonial masters gave us our freedom in 1957.
It is important to remind politicians of the consequences of their decision to limit liquor sales and not to issue licences. Employment, small companies, transportation, restaurants, hotels, tourism, and national income would be adversely affected.
He said Also, others may see our leaders as Taliban-like.”
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