AR concert as opening ceremony of 2020 LoL World Championship

2020 League of Legends World Championship
2020 League of Legends World Championship

Riot has once again evolved the opening ceremonies of the League of Legends World Championship final into a technological showcase. The showcase is at Pudong Football Stadium in Shanghai this year.

What to see in the opening ceremony

The organizer has separated the ceremony into multiple parts. It started with a virtual K-pop girl group K/DA augmented reality performance and followed by a melody of anthems from past World events. In the ending part, a towering and virtual version of League character Galio, also known as the stone colossus appeared on stage as players were introducing themselves.

In fact, this year was not as visually stunning as last year’s holographic showcase. However, it was still an impressive feat after considering the restraints caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The main performers such as K/DA were virtual. But there were a few dozen real-world musicians and dancers that cooperated with them. That includes Chinese pop star, Lexie Liu. Apart from that, the appearance of a cyberpunk-looking AR Ducati motorcycle has helped to enliven the atmosphere.

Differences compare to previous years

Compared to other esports events in 2020, the presence of fans was the most noticeable feature. There were approximately 6,000 people watching Korea’s Damwon Gaming defeat Suning Gaming of China in the championship match. Later on, Riot has officially announced a release window for the first League spinoff which launches next year.

Due to the pandemic, the initial stages of this year’s edition of Worlds varies from the previous years. Prior to the finals, the tournament that lasts for months was played out of a high-tech studio in Shanghai. This studio supports an Unreal Engine-powered backdrop to develop some fascinating mixed reality effects (The technology was similar to Disney’s creation, The Mandalorian).

Before K/DA debuted via a built-up reality concert in Incheon, a holographic hip-hop group has performed (assisted by Louis Vuitton) in last year’s World in Paris. People can also look forward from the virtual K-pop group, K/DA. It will officially release its first EP on November 6th. Just this week, Riot has posted an animated video for their single, named More.


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Watch the AR concert that opened up the 2020 League of Legends World Championship


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