Apple next online event on Nov 11 MYT

Apple Silicon Macs expected. Photo: Apple
In addition to iPad Air, Apple Watch Series 6, HomePod Mini and iPhone 12, Apple also will shows us “one more thing”. The tech giant announced plans to hold a new online-only Apple event on Tuesday, November 11 2AM MYT. The Apple event will broadcast live on the company’s website.

Apple is expected to announce its next-generation Mac computer. It will be supported by the company’s own Apple Silicon chip for the first time. These devices will also mark a change in the ten-year-long partnership between Apple and Intel. Intel has provided power for its chips and chips sold in notebook computers since 2006.

Under normal circumstances, Apple did not provide assistance for this incident. But said that it will be “another thing.” The background image of the Apple logo is surrounded by colorful light beams, reminiscent of Apple’s first iPhone announcement invitation in January 2007. At that time, the Apple logo was surrounded by white light.

The art of the tease: over 10 years of Apple event invites | The Verge

Apple has also added an augmented reality feature to its web page, which shows the opening and closing of the Apple logo, just like the lid of a laptop.

Apple’s move to abandon Intel chips will not only change the way its computers work. Apple will also strengthen its control of the computer so that it can adjust software and hardware at the same time, which is almost the same as today’s iPhone. Analysts say that specialization has helped Apple gain the upper hand in other advantages such as performance, battery life and photo quality.

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty said in a report: “Most importantly, this means that iOS and iPadOS applications will be able to run natively on MacOS in the future, which makes Apple’s 23 million developer partners can more easily create applications on all Apple products.” To investors this summer.

CNET’s global team will report on Apple’s activities as it has been conducted in the same way as other conferences that have moved online. Our reports will include real-time updates, comments, and analysis that you can only get here.

Third event

The announcement will mark the third major product that Apple has launched in three months. In September this year, the company announced its new iPad, Apple Watch and health service Apple Fitness Plus. In October, the company announced its new iPhone 12 series of phones. CNET called one of the highest-rated phones ever.

Now, Apple is expected to adopt its Mac computer. Apart from the new Apple Silicon chip announced earlier this year, there are not many rumors about what other features will be included in Mac computers.
Report: Super-Lightweight 12-inch MacBook Powered By Apple Silicon to Launch This Year - MacRumors

The rumour of new Macbook.

Apple also did not disclose which type of Mac computer it will replace first. In 2006, it introduced iMac consumer desktops and MacBook Pro laptops.

The company said that no matter what kind of computer it announces next week. It will continue to sell computers with Intel technology during the transition period. Apple said that improved performance, longer battery life, and easier connections to iPhone and iPad are driving this change.

When announcing the effort this summer, Apple CEO Tim Cook said:

“Hardware and software is fundamental to everything we do.”

“It will take the Mac to the next level.”

If Apple does announce a new computer, they may run Apple’s new Big Sur desktop software. It will promise a refresh design, privacy upgrades for the Safari Web browser, and more advanced messaging features. Apple also said that it will allow new Mac computers to run iPhone and iPad applications, although keyboard and mouse may be used.

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