Anwar message did not reach us, says Amanah MP

Anwar message
Mohamed Hanipa Maidin (left) believes that Amanah president Mohamad Sabu might not have had the time to pass Anwar Ibrahim’s message to the party’s MPs.

PETALING JAYA: Yesterday, Amanah MPs stood up to call for a bloc vote on the budget. It is because they did not receive the message from opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to allow it to move through the political level, Sepang MP Mohamed Hanipa Maidin said.

Hanipa gave his side of the storey in a Facebook post about what happened in Parliament, when the majority of opposition MPs decided against an individual vote to pass the budget.

Moreover, Hanipa said Amanah’s president, Mohamad Sabu, and vice-president, Mujahid Yusof, did not stand out in the spirit of unity with Pakatan Harapan, out of respect for Anwar’s orders (PH).

The president of Amanah, we suppose, may not have had the time or forgotten to pass on the message of the opposition leader to the Amanah MPs.

“Therefore, we were confident that there was no problem for Amanah MPs to stand up yesterday in support of Pokok Sena (Mahfuz Omar),”. He said, adding that it was a “spontaneous action.”

The government was not out of the woods yet” despite the budget being passed at the policy stage, Hanipa said. As there were still discussions at the committee stage, which would take place from Monday.

The adoption of the budget is decided in terms of procedure by the third reading of the Supply Bill (2021). That day, God willing, will be the “Grand Finale,” said Hanipa.

After Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Aziz tabled it for a second reading, the voice vote will approve the budget. One of the 13 MPs who stood up was Hanipa.


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Anwar message did not reach us, says Amanah MP

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