Animal Crossing: New Horizons fall update is finally here


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is adding Thanksgiving and Christmas events to the game in the 1.5 fall update. The new fall-themed content including Halloween, pumpkins, uncanny DIY recipes and much more are added to the game. Furthermore, Nintendo also announced that in November, it will add another update for the Switch life sim. It seems like the patch will release two more big seasonal events.

Nintendo has not revealed any further details about the update yet. Thus, they have released the images of Jingle the reindeer and Franklin the turkey to hint the announcement.

In the series’ previous installment, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Franklin would send gamer around to other villagers to collect ingredients for dishes that he is going to make. Although Nintendo hasn’t yet shown how the Thanksgiving Festival or Toy Day events will work in New Horizons, Toy Day was believed to be even more involved.

About the 1.5 update

In December, you would have to communicate with villagers and take note of what they’re looking forward to receive on Toy Day. While on December 24, you will need to wear Santa costume and deliver the right presents to each villager.

Besides, the 1.5 update also added Halloween, along with related costumes, furniture, DIY recipes and other items. Gamers can purchase candy at Nook’s Cranny and pumpkin seeds for planting in all October long. These pumpkins can use for crafting Halloween-themed decorations and other items from the new DIY recipes.

In the meantime, the 1.5 update also makes revisiting dreams much easier. The previously visited Dream Islands will be shown as part of a list. Hence, players would no longer need to re-enter their Dream Address each time they want to go back. Nintendo has also updated the NookLink function that let gamers apply in-game reactions from the smartphone app.

Not only about the 1.5 update, but Animal Crossing Amiibo cards will also make a comeback during this November. Amiibo cards from series 1 through 4 will be available again at retailers. Each pack cost $6 USD and there are six cards per pack. Players can use these cards to invite villagers to visit and live on their island or take pictures of them in the game’s Photopia mode.

New Horizons’ fish-catching event

In the other Animal Crossing news, there is a variety of new October bugs, sea creatures and fish to catch in New Horizons right now. For both Southern and Northern players, the Fishing Tourney is just around the corner to give them another opportunity to score some exclusive furniture and other items.


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Another Big Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update Is Coming Late Next Month


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