An app can now estimate your clothing size during shopping

Shopping and buying new clothes is exciting. However, many people find it annoying by the disparity in sizing between clothes bought in different shops. Sorcha O’Donoghue, a frequent shopper also has long been annoyed with this problem.

“Once I went shopping and got a pair of jeans that were size 8 on the label. Then I went to another shop, and I was back to size 12,” she says.

She is doing more online shopping amid pandemic, and the inconsistencies have become even more unbearing.

According to this 36-year-old resources adviser, she said clothes with the same size don’t always suit her. Different online stores have different cutting, and this confuses her.

3D rendering

A friend of hers advised her to try Meepl, a Swiss company which has technology designed to avoid those problems.

She then downloaded the app that can measure her clothing size. This procedure is done by her wearing tight leggings and stood in front of her smartphone. At the same time, the app will do a full scan of her body from all sides, creating a three-dimensional rendering of it.

Next, the app will calculate her size and give her recommendations on sizes to choose at shops. These shops include Topshop and Zara.

“I’ve used it about four times since and find it really, really easy. I don’t need to buy what I wore the last time I went into a shop. All I have to do is go into my handbag, pull out my phone, click on the app, and I’ve got all my information stored,” Ms O’Donoghue says.

Meepl is accurate because it created a 3D body profile and matches the user’s personal body measurements with off-the-rack garment data. Besides, the app can even upload the user’s avatar into a virtual dressing room to try on items at online shops.

Meepl is used in a virtual dressing room

Expert says this kind of app could affect the business model of clothes retailer if it becomes popular.

Returns conundrum

Moreover, the new breed of apps can also help with the return, a huge problem faced by online retailers.

A 2018 report by Barclaycard suggested that almost half of the amount of UK shoppers spend on clothes are being refunded back to the retailers.

This app found a third of shoppers find the items they bought unsuitable even before trying them.

“If these apps are linked to a list of basic blocks across retailers, then that’s a big step forward as they will minimize returns – the biggest bane of online retailers,” says Maria Malone, principal lecturer in the fashion business at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The creator of this app hopes it can tackle the overproduction of clothes in fashion fields. By solving this issue, millions of pieces of garment end up in landfills can be prevented.


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Why are clothing sizes so erratic and can they be fixed?


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