Among Us has been hacked to promote ‘Trump 2020’

Among Us has been hacked to promote "TRUMP 2020"
Among Us has been hacked to promote "TRUMP 2020"

The recently hottest game Among Us has been hacked to advertise a streaming channel and sends a provocative political message. The developer of Among Us, InnerSloth immediately issue a rapid patch in response to the hacks.

The hack includes spamming text chat messages to advertise a streamer and threatening to harm players’ phone if they refuse to subscribe. All the messages ended with the word “TRUMP 2020”. In just split seconds, the hack has spread across the game rather quickly. Some players estimated that it had afflicted hundreds or even thousands of matches.

Hacker spamming text chat messages that ends with "TRUMP 2020"

Hacker spamming text chat messages that end with “TRUMP 2020”

Regarding the situation, InnerSloth has immediately stated via Twitter saying it was “super-duper aware” of the issue. It has activated an emergency server update and encouraged players to stick to private games in the meantime. According to programmer Forest Willard, the update had taken a longer time than expected. This is to prevent the system from wrongly identifying a hack and to avoid false positives.

What did the hacker say?

The hacker was later identified as Eris Loris. He said that he was curious to see what would happen and he personally found it exhilarating. The funny part is that the hatred and anger of players who care about the game are spamming dislikes on the hack messages. It is quite stupid as they are willing to waste that time just because they can’t play it for 3 minutes, as he said.

Loris is a supporter of President Donald Trump as he explained the political element of the hack. He reminded that the recent accomplishment of Among Us means InnerSloth should have the ability to hire more developers to prevent hacks like this.

Moreover, the hotfix set up by InnerSloth has not completely stopped Loris’s bots. But the good news is reports of the hack appear to have gone down.


Among Us became a fascinating sensation, having only been released for more than two years before it abruptly gained popularity. Political outreach from the likes of U.S. Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, have stream raked in over 430,000 viewers. That puts it in elite company. From that, streamers have attracted to this game thanks to its popularity.


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Among Us Hack Spams Trump 2020 Message


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