Amazon launched a new payment system: palm scanner


Amazon has recently announced a new payment system. It goes by the name of the Amazon One palm scanner which people can pay just by a simple wave of the hand.

How does it work?

This new Amazon One scanner identifies a user’s palm when they hover their hand in mid-air for a few seconds. 

“Palm-based identification worked by capturing the palm’s vein patterns, “explained Dr Basel Halak of the Electronics and Computer Science School at the University of Southampton. According to Dr Basel Halak, the vein patterns for each finger are different for each individual. Therefore, forgery for palm identification is extremely hard as they are hidden underneath the surface of the skin. 

The video below shows how Amazon One works:

Comparisons between different form of identifiers

When compared with other forms of identifiers like physical devices, a palm scanner is more stable as it will stay constant throughout one’s lifetime. Besides, it is also harder to fake, change, or steal as it is a form of biometric authentication.

Dr Halak pointed out the fact that the palm scanner is roughly similar to a fingerprint scanner in terms of security. However, the advantage of a palm scanner is especially useful amid pandemic: contactless payment. This is because a palm scanner can allow users to pay at a distance of a few inches. Another reason for using a palm scanner included the “intentional gesture” of holding a palm over a sensor.

Application of palm scanner

Amazon One will undergo a trial at two of Amazon’s physical stores located in Seattle. According to Amazon, this product might be rolling out to other shops in the future. The company believed that this palm scanner has much applicability beyond its retail stores. 

“Amazon One could become an alternative payment method with a palm scanner device at the counter, “Amazon said. Palm scanner can also be used to enter a location or clock in for work instead of using an ID card.

Security of palm scanner

Amazon announced that no Amazon account is required for a palm scanner. The customer can just insert their bank card and follow the instructions on the screen to link their palm print to the payment option. Moreover, the print will not be stored on-site, but keep securely in the Cloud. Therefore, customers could delete their data via the website anytime. 


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