Amazon cloud-computing network outage

Amazon cloud-computing network

WASHINGTON: The company said Saturday that a giant outage of Amazon cloud-computing network in the US. It affected large users such as media companies and so on. In addition, it was caused by an attempt to improve power.

On Wednesday, the e-commerce giant’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) suffered a significant failure that also hit the Washington Post’s publishing system operated by Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.

“Amazon said in the statement, “The catalyst, if not the root cause, was a relatively small addition of ability for the case.

Many businesses, which use AWS services to store data without having to maintain their own servers, were affected by the outage.

According to the US media, as well as Roku, a subscription television service, the New York subway was among those affected.

The Wall Street Journal announced that it was also struck.

AWS, founded in 2006, is the industry leader for remote computing services.

Research firms say that it has a market share of 30 percent -50 percent.


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Amazon caused its own cloud outage by upgrading capacity

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